`Five Tips when Adding Content to WordPress

Five Tips When Adding Content to WordPress

If you’re just getting started with WordPress, here are five quick tips to make adding content smoother and easier.

The tips in the video are:

  1. Expand the editing region to give you more space – Drag the corner hash marks in the lower right corner of the text editor to give you more space to work with.
  2. Use the Kitchen Sink button to show more editing options.
  3. The HTML and VISUAL Tabs – You’ll use the  “VISUAL” tab primarily for adding and editing content. Use the HTML tab for embedding video or copying link code, for example.
  4. Your site will format styles properly – The text in the editor will appear simply black with a basic font. But don’t worry, once it’s published it will be be styled properly to match your site.
  5. WordPress will save drafts – Each time you save a draft or publish your page, WordPress will keep a revision. Revisions will appear in the “Revision” panel below. You may have to click “screen options” above to show this panel.

Happy content creating!

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