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Four Keys to Blogs That Attract Clients

four keys to great blogging

If you’re blogging for fun, then great, we don’t need to worry about turning readers into paying clients.

But if earning a good income from your coaching via working one-on-one with people is important, then below are four keys to making it happen.

KEY ONE – Get the job done.

Getting your blogs written and published is a force to be reckoned with whether you’ve started blogging or have already given it a go and failed.

Being consistent and enjoying the process is the key.

And I’ve found that there are all kinds of ways (often unique to each of us) to stay steady.

Some of my fave tricks include:

  • Getting an accountability buddy (or other whip-cracking measure to ensure it gets done)
  • Practice writing faster so that your articles don’t become massive mountains to climb.
  • Ease your fears and worries about blogging and embrace the journey, giving yourself time to learn and improve.
  • Figure out a way to make it fun. If you enjoy sketching, add drawings. If you’re funny, add jokes.

Find your unique way to ensure the job gets done.

KEY TWO – Write blogs people are drawn to.

If you actually get blogs done, you’ll soon find that you can’t just put anything up.

Blogs work best when you plan them to engage your best types of clients.

Have you sat down to list out the top 10-20 traits of your ideal client? And then list out their top 10 pains?

When you have those details, you’ll find your blogs will get more engagement.

KEY THREE – Make money.

For most that means adding new clients to your roster.

Ok, blogging is fun and great and all but we do need to pay attention to leading those readers from your blogs into a call with you where you outline your coaching services and add a price tag.

Be sure to have an email list to turn article readers into ongoing subscribers where you can build trust and then invite them to such a call.

Email lists are great, but you could also do this with a membership site, a social group or other way to keep people at arms reach.

Find or define your way to turn the attention of your readers into action steps that lead them towards working with you or buying a product/program.

KEY FOUR – Get ’em out the door.

Just like your college bound 18-year old diligent teenager ready to flap his or her adult wings, you’ve got to get those blogs out into the real world.

What good are blogs if they aren’t out there in front of  people who want what you got?

And while waiting for search engines to come find them is cool and all, it is rarely enough, and so you oughta be proactive and distribute your blogs – ideally in places where potential clients hang out.

A few sweet places to start with:

  • Hunt down LinkedIn groups to share them with (or other groups like Facebook groups).
  • Find niche magazines, specialty ones, that your ideal kinds of clients subscribe to.
  • Find other gurus who serve a similar market, and chat it up with them, eventually leading to sharing.

Are idea sparks flying?

Is your brain firing off new neurons of ideas on how to make your blogging better? Yeah? Great! Please put those ideas down below in the comments. I’d love to hear from you.

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