Four Keys to a Great Coaching Pic Look


It’s all about perception.

When people check you out online, they take all the inputs (written word, images, profile detail, comments, etc.) and formulate an opinion of you.

This is their perception.

The more favorable their perception the more they will follow you, read your stuff, learn from you and trust you. And this leads to likes of your pages and sign ups for your coaching programs.

One big factor to how people see you is your profile picture.

One of the most visited pages on coaching websites is the about page.

People want to know who you are, what you’re about and especially what you look like.

If someone comes to your about me page and sees nothing, that’s pretty bad. They wonder why you’re hiding, or may think you are too shy to show your face, or that you are too lazy to put it up.

Not good for perception.

So, what makes a great mug shot?

Take a look at these pictures and see if you can guess.

Deanna MaioDeanna Maio, helps savvy gals stop wasting time and start making money.

executive coachVladimir Tuka, executive leadership coach.

Kay Cannon, past president of ICF and coaches type A’s to achieve big results.

Do these pictures feel good? Do you connect with them? Do you feel like these people would make great coaches? What is it about their “look” that grabs you?

Here are four things these photos have in common which are awesome for a warm, trusting, great-coach perception.

1.They smile.

Their smiles are soft. Not too big. Not too small. A good smile goes a long way.

2. They make eye contact.

Good eye contact says the other person is giving you their attention and listening, a great thing for your clients to sense.

3. They are relaxed.

Their bodies aren’t stiff and upright and aren’t slouched into a chair. They look comfortable and present.

4. Their heads are slightly tilted.

Does a slightly titled head like that of a curious puppy show someone is giving you their attention?

When you go to get a professional photo done, here’s a quick tip to make sure it’s a winner.

Do a lot of laughing.

Go take your photo with a fun friend, pull up some of your favorite YouTube videos, or have someone tickle you.

This will help ease any tension and put a soft smile on your face. Make you glow like a super coach.

In summary, remember that your photos (website, profiles, groups) impact how people perceive you.

You want a positive, attentive but relaxed look so that clients will see you as the coach they should be working with.

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