MP3 Recording of Mentor Coach Resource Group Interview With Gayle and Ryan on Getting Clients Online


About a month ago, before I went on vacation, I was invited to speak about coaching websites with The Mentor Coach Resource Group run by Gayle Scroggs and Ryan Schoenbeck. They provide free help for building a coaching business, skills and network.

gayle - positive psychology coachGayle is a real life friend. I met her back about 7+ years ago when she was living in Argentina and I was visiting there for my first back-to-back summer – escaping the New York winter. We’ve been friends ever since catching up a few times per year. She’s great – coachy, lively, fun.

leadership coach ryan
Ryan is a new friend and I gave him a ring before he call to say hello. He’s a natural with people, traveled and has a strong, positive vibe.

The three of us talk about a recent InfoGraphic I created, Five Steps to More Clients from The Web.

We had a record breaking number of attendees of 25. Not earth-shattering, but for this small resource group, it’s a big turnout.

So, I share with you, my voice, my umms and ahhs and a handful of handy tips on using your website to get clients.

You can skip past the first 8 minutes of mumbling unless you get a kick out of a not-so-great speakers warming up. 😉

In the audio, the great stuff are:

  • The five steps to getting clients online.
  • What you need to bear in mind to make this work.
  • Two ways to getting visible and where to go.
  • Three examples of real coaches getting clients.
  • Ryan’s very wise insights.
  • Creating a call to action to get leads.
  • Tips on qualifying prospects – should you?
  • Tips on handling the call that signs them up.
  • Clunky, “fugly” sites and what to do about them.
  • Guest questions.

(Or click here for the mp3)

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