Before and After for Geraldine

This is a quick tip for improving Geraldine’s website.

Here site is here: Mindfulness Coaching Works .

Thanks for posting it Geraldine.

I like the white space and clean layout. Things are easy to follow on your site. Great!

I think your site suffers from the #1 challenge most coaching sites face.


People need to know why they should explore your website.

It needs to be clear instantly – and it needs to be great.

One great way to engage them and give them a compelling reason to stick around you is creating a juicy headline.

Most coaches bury the juicy stuff at the end of the about page, just like you did.

Instead, make that first as shown below.

Here’s the before:

coach geraldine's site before

Here’s the after: (I got this text from the bottom of your Why I Coach page and added a little)


After you get a great headline up, followup with more content to help your visitors.

Build an image as an expert – a guru – a catalyst for help.

Did these before and after images help? What ideas came to mind? I’d love to hear from you, just post below.

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  1. I actually had my site like that and then my clients asked me why don’t I add my credibility first? But looking at this I think I’ll change it back and add credibility at the bottom. Great food for thought