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10 Home Page Attractors that Draw Clients to You

You want clients to see you as the coach to hire.

To do this, you want your clients to see you as a very, very, very, very, very good solution to helping them overcome their challenges and helping them attain their deepest desires.

home page must engage

10 home page attractors to get clients to see you the coach they should work with.

1 Show you know their challenges.

We naturally align with people who understand us. Whether they can help us or not, just understanding us makes us not feel alone and helps us open up and move towards a solution.

2. Describe realistic, awesome end results.

Describe the ideal results your audience wants for which you can help them attain. Time spent feeding their mind with a vivid picture of their desired end results is energizing food.

3. Give some logic.

Show them there are good reasons for where they are and why they are stuck. Show them some logical ways to move them forward. It helps fill in the void between where they are and where they want to be.

4. Explain things you do.

Do you have a magic wand that does the trick? Or are you just great at this? Give them some of what you do – could be a 3-step success formula that work wonders.

5. Examples of others you’ve helped.

Indirectly toot your horn by sharing the success of other clients. The conclusion drawn is, “If you can help them, you can help me.”

6. Show understanding of their hesitations.

If people are sick and tired of hearing the word “diet” then deal with it. Take a different approach or perspective on it. For example; “the anti-diet” or “why you need to redefine the word diet.”

7. Clarify misnomers.

If people have a preconceived notions contributing to their stuckness, for example thinking sales is pushy and seedy like being a used car salesman, then debunk it or shed some light on it to help people get past the misnomer’s limiting effect.

8. Instill confidence – You can do it!

Your job is to motivate and create momentum in your clients. Your verbal confidence in them moves them towards action – like signing up with you. You may be the only motivator in their life.

9. Show yourself.

Potential clients need to know who they are going to hire. They need to know you exist. Not only exist, but that you’re real, capable, and likable.

10. Call to action.

Provide them with a step they can take to move them forward to their goals and at the same time towards your client roster.

Not only do these things work on your home page, but they would serve you well throughout your continued interactions and marketing materials.

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  1. You are so right, Kenn. And I love the way you do so much more than great web design for coaches. If your ideal clients land on your page and feel understood they won’t bounce off — which is the worst fate for web sites.