How a SiteMap Brings You Traffic From Search Engines

If you are actively optimizing your website pages to bring traffic from search engines, then you will want to create and optimize a SiteMap page.

A SiteMap is a single page containing links to all of the other pages of your website. It’s primary purpose is to help lost visitors find their way.  (If visitors are using your SiteMap page often, then your navigational scheme isn’t cutting it. Rethink your structure.)

A SiteMap helps you increase traffic in two ways:

1 – Accessibility. The SiteMap helps search engines access every page of your website. If search engines have trouble navigating through your site from your main links, the SiteMap provides a secondary route to those pages. The more content search engines can access on your site, the more pages you have for searches to find and hence, more traffic.

2 – Keyword Association. On the SiteMap page you can write keyword-rich descriptions for each link. This helps search engines associate specific keywords with specific pages of your website.  The more this association happens, the higher your pages rank for those keywords.

In summary, if you help search engines access more pages and associate keywords with those pages, you will increase your rankings and traffic.

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