How to Ensure Your Site Is Compelling + Watch Two Clients Develop Their Core Messages


Before building a website, you should get clear on who it’s for and why it’s good for them to be there.


True, your site is for helping you build your coaching business and sustain a living and income.

But in the end, the business is really about the client and delivering them value.

(Else, there be no biz)

One smart move is to iron out your core message.

Make sure it’s compelling, easy to understand and read.

Make sure it’s focused on the client and makes you look like a great coach.

From that point on, then build your site.

You base your blogs, list emails, freebies, offers all around your sweet, juicy, compelling core message.

People will instantly get what you do and easily refer people to you.

If you do it this way, you create a true client magnet.

In a group website program I’m running, you can see two examples of how their core message gets clear, focused and juicy through feedback from participants.

Example 1: Emily Archer Website

Example 2: Rachel Presier’s Website

Oh, btw, you can surely comment and give feedback if you like.

Perfect your core message and watch how easy it is to setup your client-attracting website systems.

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