How to Increase Website Traffic With WordPress Permalinks

“Permalinks” are permanent links.

They are fixed links to website content.

Permalinks were created to make it easy to link to archived content on dynamic websites such as blogs. (If permalinks weren’t created, it would be difficult to link directly to old blog posts as they would be buried within the site)

More importantly, here’s how to use permalinks in WordPress to get you more traffic.

As you know, search engines associate pages with keywords. This is how content is catalogued in a search engine’s database.

To identify what keywords to associate with each page, search engines will look in various places including:

  • the page’s content – the written words
  • the page’s tags such as the title tag which is found in the HTML code
  • the page’s link or also known as URL

And, in WordPress we can customize the page links to get keywords into them.

This is done in Permalink Settings.

Here’s a screenshot of the Permalink Settings within WordPress

As you can see in the screenshot, there are various options on how you can structure your permalinks.

In this example you can see that the “Custom Structure” was chosen and setup to include the category and name of each post.

Here how it looks in action.

In this example, the client wrote a blog post titled, “Five Quick Stress Management Tips” and put this article in a category called “stress management.”

Link Example of Permalinks

In the link, you can see that the keyword phrase “stress management.”

Incidentally, for this link, the phrase appears twice because it’s both a category name and it’s used in the tile of the blog post.

Now, when search engines review this page, they will see the phrase “stress management” in the link. Then, when people search for the phrase “stress management”, this page will be one of the results shown.

In conclusion, if you’re using WordPress, take a quick moment and customize your permalinks. Then, be sure to use your keywords in your categories and titles. Doing so will increase website traffic for your keywords.

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  1. Yes the number idea is an option.

    I think it’s splitting hairs as to what you do at this point – you’ve got the main idea down.

    I like to just use the article title, get keywords into the title, so that those keywords are in the URL as well.