bio page that bonds

The Key to a BIO Page that Builds Bonds

People care less about “what you do or even “how you do it.”

They care much more about your WHY.

“Why you do it.”

Why you coach.

bio page that bonds

Clients go bonkers for coaches with a BIG WHY

It’s nice to tell people about your assessments or how your techniques get them past their deepest fears or you have an intuitive sense that helps them see clearly and make progress.

But people go bonkers (get excited about being around you) when then can feel what makes you tick deep inside – your inner being that brings you to life – your WHY. Your WHY for coaching.

Many people are accountants. Many people practice law. Many people become entrepreneurs.

Few do it with a relentless, earnest zest. Few are buzzing with energy that steams out their pores. Few are in touch with their WHY for what they do.

If you’re hiring a coach who isn’t excited about his/her work and isn’t eager to help you and live their WHY, it’s hard to connect with them.

Do you remember that waitress who seemed to have an unshakable happiness about her as she served customers? She was just happy to serve. She was bubbling with smiling with a calm, peaceful inner joy as she worked.

Her WHY was simply just to serve people at the restaurant.

People are drawn to and love to work with people who are know their WHY and who live and breathe it every day.

What is your WHY? Your deepest WHY?

Your WHY that when you revisit it, you’re whole body comes to life. Your energy soars. Your heart feels warm, sunny. A glowing smile emerges from your chest, right out through your face. The kind of smile that gets others to smile without knowing what is going on – but they love it.

Here’s a one solid, sweet little About-Me-Page Hack so to speak to quickly tap into your why and get your website visitors sold on YOU.

The one thing that needs to come across on your About Page, to bond deeply with your visitors (possible clients) is your WHY.

Check out this Ted Talk with Simon Sinek, author and motivational speaker, where he shows you his golden circle for inspiring people. It’s very moving and great for helping you express your WHY for your Bio Page.

As ideas start bubbling up on how to express your WHY, start writing them down!

Got some exciting ideas for your big why? Post them below.

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  1. I’m a coach because I want to encourage others. While growing up I didn’t have a lot of encouragement or anyone who really believed in me. After I became a mom I became friends with another woman with eight children. She was a wonderful encourager to them all and to others in her life. I want to be there to support and believe in my clients and encourage them to follow their dreams.

  2. The Internet is evolving into a place where the world is flat. Where we will be able to reach places and other people everywhere. Where we can connect more and more deeply, if we choose to. We can make more impact and get to our inner passions out there, if we choose.

    So, this digital world is one fabulous tool for making that happen. We can get our message out to millions. We can find organizations that need what we can do anywhere on the planet. We can do more of the things we love. The web helps us do that. Websites and everything online – apps, blogs, groups, social sites, email, etc. It’s so amazing!

    When I was 8 years old, I started programming and designing on computers to create experiences for myself (games to play) and adventures for my brothers (haunted house was one of them). I got lots for hours in “creating”.

    Today, I’m able to travel the world, meet amazing people, see great landscapes, – and grow simply from seeing the Earth. To structure a rich life (not without it’s own challenges, so don’t get the idea that it’s all peachy and perfect) that brings more of ME into it. I build websites for great coaches, and help them build their dream careers and lifestyles. Awesome.