Key Website Numbers to Start Tracking on Your Journey to a Consistent 10 Clients

You should track numbers.

They show you what’s happening so you can figure out what’s working and find ways to improve.

I talk a bit about how to quickly get that going using my favorite tool, Google Docs in this video (be sure to click to expand to view larger):

If the video doesn’t show here’s a link.

Remember, your key activities to make this all happen will include:

(1) getting visible online and offline in good places
(2) driving traffic to your site
(3) growing your list with good trust-building content
[4) generating leads which are simply coaching calls and
(5) signing up clients with a good, solid offer that makes sense.

Do you have your numbers? Need to get them? What are you finding helpful here? Any new ideas sparking as to what you really need to be focusing on?

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  1. Powerful topic, Ken!

    I’m dissapointed that I don’t see some comments here – at least 20 or 30 “Thank You’s” 🙂

    If one keeps track of these numbers, AND see where you can improve – which numbers you would like to focus on inmproving – your business can improve performance month after month… resulting in more and more clients…. OR resulting in clients that pay you higher fees, depending on which area you improve upon (more leads, more clients, or higher fees…).

    It also kind of shows you where your business is stuck. If you don’t have leads, you won’t have subscribers… IF you have lots of traffic, but no leads, that means that you have to focus on improving your OFFER and/or your landing page / your home page… And it keeps trickling “down” – if you have enough leads, but not clients, that means you have to work on improving your lead-conversion process (turn leads into clients more effectively OR get better quality leads (!)

    Great stuff!