Lightning-Fast Credibility Building With WordPress

One of the simply astonishing feats of using WordPress as the platform (the technical behind-the-scenes guts) for your coaching website lies in the speed at which you can reach your market to build your expert-coach status.

It’s stunning.

Here’s an example of what can be done.

1. Quickly write an article for fresh content – requires one to two hours.

With your username and password, you simply log into WordPress and write a short article – say 400 to 500 words. WordPress gives you a handy feature-rich text editing interface for writing.

Then just click publish you’ve instantly got new content live on your website without having do any crazy coding yourself and without having to wait for a web designer to get to it.

Immediate. Nice. You’ve just increased your image as an expert.

(this article is posted to your business website for building your credibility)

2. Instantly send the new article to “RSS” subscribers – requires zero time.

RSS means Really Simple Syndication. Simply, it’s a method that enables people to have a personal reader (looks like a news web page) which gets new articles from various sources (like various blogs). It’s like having your own personalized newspaper.

By writing your article in step #1, all of your RSS subscribers instantly get the headline of the article sent to their reader for morning coffee or commute-time reading.

(the article you wrote goes out to RSS subscribers for their convenient reading)

3. Automatically deliver the article to your email list – requires zero time.

Let’s say you are also keeping an email list of people in your market.

With a one-time setup investment of about an hour by your web designer, you can have your newly published article from step #1 above automatically sent out to your email list.

Another quick step that further serves your market and showcases your expertise.

(your email list subscribers get your article sent to them automatically in their inbox)



4. Zip your article on over to your Facebook friends – requires zero time.

You can setup your Facebook profile to automatically publish the headlines of recent articles to your Wall and thus share that it with all of your friends.

(you share your article headline, automatically, on your Wall for your friends to read)

You can also send your article to other networks such as Twitter and LinkedIn.



5. Serve freshly cooked content to the hungry search engine spiders – requires zero time.

A search engine’s diet is the written word. When you publish fresh content on your website, search engines eagerly return for more helpings to satisfy their insatiable hunger for content. Thus, your newly written content gets into the search engine database very quickly and is then shared with searchers.

Also, websites that are fresh and growing in content are preferred over ones that are dated and stagnant. Therefore, your website will be favored for higher placement over others.

(your article gets into search engines and shared with searchers for bringing people to your site)

In summary, you build your image as a professional almost instantly. You:

1. Quickly wrote a short article
2. Automatically sent it to RSS readers
3. Automatically sent it to your email list
4. Automatically sent it to Facebook and other social networks
5. Fed content to search engines for increasing your visibility

Now that’s time-efficient marketing!

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  1. I am just getting started with internet marketing and thought it was easier to get a blog out first. I have just set up Word Press, and due to your article, I am motivated to get the blog written today. Your suggestions have given me the structure I needed. You made it seem less of task than I thought. I’ll let you know how it goes.

  2. Great article about some of the highlights of having a WordPress website. The search engine optimization benefits that are inherent to WordPress because Google loves WP also makes it a necessary business tool for any entrepreneur who would be interested in attracting clients online.