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LinkedIn Profile Picture Advice from the ICF Group – 30 Tips, Funny Stuff Too

I recently started a discussion titled, What Advice Would You Give on LinkedIn Profile Pictures. You’ll need to join the ICF group first to see that post.

But, you can get the 30 key points from it below.

linkedin profile picture advice

There are a few funny ones as well as a hilarious link to  the worst LinkedIn profile pictures, down below.

Here are the 30 pieces of advice for LinkedIn profile pictures …

  1. Get a professional looking headshot
  2. Have an friendly, appealing, approachable smile
  3. Use good lighting
  4. Do not use an avatar or a logo
  5. Let your authentic, personality come through
  6. Make sure your face fills most of the space and shows clearly – head and shoulders
  7. Avoid glamour shots or artistic filters that obscure your face, unless it’s the nature of your business – like a graphic designer, or perhaps a photo retoucher
  8. Make sure your visibility setting is set to public so people outside your connections can see it
  9. Make it looks like you as you would appear when going to a networking event or business meeting
  10. No drinks in your picture, unless you’re a sommelier
  11. Dress professionally with clothing you would wear at work
  12. Look directly to the camera and make eye contact
  13. No sunglasses
  14. No fishing photos, unless you’re in that industry
  15. No pets, unless your a dog whisperer
  16. No golf course photos, unless you’re a golf trainer
  17. No family portraits
  18. No kids or grandchildren
  19. If you have gray hair, wear it 😉
  20. No busy backgrounds or ones with distracting things (other people, odd objects, cars)
  21. Have a recent shot, not an outdated one when you had hair
  22. Don’t use actors or other people that aren’t you
  23. Get a picture that mirrors your message. For example, if you coach moms with young children, your profile picture with your kids creates fluidity in your message. Step into your potential client’s shoes, then, would you connect with your profile picture?
  24. Think about who is your target audience and the message do you want to send
  25. Go easy on the Photoshopping
  26. Consider investing in professional photographer
  27. Consider getting hair and makeup specialist to prepare you
  28. No “sitting at your computer” or obvious “selfie shots”
  29. LinkedIn is a professional community site, unlike other social spaces, so “be professional”
  30. If you’re not sure about yours, ask a few friends who will be honest. Ask it this way, How can I improve my photo? (taking the pressure off) as opposed to, Do you like my photo? (which sounds like, Do you like me? and may not get you good feedback)

Ålso, here are a few more LinkedIn profile picture tips from my recent update.

And to make you roll on the floor laughing, check this out – 10 Worst LinkedIn Profile Picture Ever.

Got a LinkedIn Profile Picture tip or suggestion to share? Post it below?

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