My iPhone and Why You Want .com

I recently read the book, Positioning by Al Ries.

One big take-away from the book is to realize the importance of having a dominant position in the minds of people. I’ll give you two examples: the airlines example and then the iPhone example.

When airlines, tight for space, are going to supply their vessels with soft drinks, they can only carry a few options for their passengers. So, which do they choose? The most popular brands get chosen like Coke and 7 Up. And, all the second positioned brands like Dr. Pepper and Sprite don’t make it.

Again, the point is that the things that hold top position in the  minds of people will have the advantage.

Just the same, “.com” is firmly rooted in the minds of people over any other extension such as “.org” or “.net”.

People, me included, will, to a surprising degree, type in “.com” even if we are specifically told that the domain name was a “.org” or “.net” – fascinating.

Ok, now I want you to take a look at the keypad on my iPhone’s browser.

Do you see the “.com” button? Notice there are no “.net” or other options. Again, the power of having top position in the mind.

Thus, you should go for “.com” over any other extension when choosing a domain name for your coaching website. Take advantage of what’s top in people’s minds.

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  1. Great point, Kenn! I tell coaches to let go of any “great” idea for a domain if they cannot secure the .com and the other core suffixes too : .net, .org, .biz. That way they “own” their brand. Lots of folks don’t seem to realize if the .com is taken and they get .net or .biz instead that it will rob them of traffic that should be theirs.