New Coach: Two Key Article Strategies for Credibility and Traffic

As a new coach it’s time to grow your business, get noticed, and get clients.

To get seen, there’s your website that needs traffic and to gain clients you’ll need build your credibility as a coach.

Let’s give you a starter article to write to do both: bring traffic and build credibility.

First, the key to building your credibility …

The biggest credibility builder is helping others overcome challenges and achieve success. The more people you help the more the word will get around and the more readily clients will show up ready to sign up with you.

So, to build credibility, we are going to focus this article on overcoming your clients’ biggest challenges.

Secondly, to driving search traffic …

Two things:

1. Get your keywords into the article, especially the title.

It’s good to include the words, “life coach”, “health coach”, etc. More and more people are using these phrases in searches.

However, it’s even better to include the words and phrases that are centered around the challenges your clients seek to win such as “lose weight,” “find true love,” or “make a million bucks” … those are words people use a lot more.

2. Get your article out there.

Clearly an article that’s not out there is not serving anyone.

Be sure to submit it to article directories such as EzineArticles an SelfGrowth (great especially for coaches).

And, if you have a niche, get that article into the various websites around that niche including paper publications, discussion forums, etc.

For example, if you write parenting articles for single well-to-do moms, then the various parenting and single-mom support websites are key places to put your article.

When you do submit it, you will get to put a link to your website. at the end of the article.

When search engines pick up your article, evaluate the keywords in it, search engines will associate those keywords with your article. Then, when people search for those keywords, your article will appear, people will read it and click to your website.

Here’s a great title that will both increase your traffic and build your credibility.

“How to Lose Weight and Get Fit with a Health Coach”

It’s good because:

  • It contains the keyword phrases; Lose Weight, Get Fit, Health Coach which people search on.
  • It gives you a chance to explain health coaching – you can educate people on what you do.
  • It’s focused on your potential client’s wants: losing weight, get fit. You gain lots of credibility.

Massage that title and come up with one for yourself.

I’d love to hear about it. Please post it as a comment.

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  1. Fantastic post, Kenn. I especially want to reinforce what a bad idea it is to hire a friend or family member to do your website. It’s a recipe for disaster. Instead, proudly invest in your on line presence and feel good about hiring a professional, knowing that you’re setting yourself up with prosperity thinking while supporting another entrepreneur.