Nine Traits of a Great Coaching Niche

In a recent discussion over at the Coaches Support Group, I posed the question, “Traits of a Great Coaching Niche – What would you say it has?

great coaching niche

You’ll need to join the group to see the discussion unfold, but let me extract the top points made by contributors in my own words, here:

  1. You can relate and understand the niche.
  2. The niche is exciting and fun for you. You’re passionate about it. You’ll be excited to get out of bed in the morning to work with your niche.
  3. It’s easy to find your target market and market to them (get in front of them). You can market to this niche with reasonable cost and effort.
  4. The niche is within the area of your expertise. You have a great story with lots of valuable lessons to share with the niche. It helps tremendously if you have expertise or experience in that field. I wouldn’t want to be coached by someone on my business-growth or on improving my public speaking if they are not super good at it.
  5. You can dominate the niche as the leader (there’s some further discussion on this).
  6. Must serve a target market that has a pain, challenge, or burning desire that is so strong and that they are willing to pay for it coaching help.
  7. A niche where others are already generating money in it – it’s proven. People in this niche see coaching as valuable. People in this niche can afford to pay for a coach.
  8. My favorite kind of client is in this niche. You enjoy working with the people in this.
  9. You have time to develop this niche – you can learn, find them, quickly get around them and position yourself in it.

To see the full discussion, join The Coaches Support Group and seek “Traits of a Great Coaching Niche” in the discussions.

Are you experiencing any major ahas from this list? Got ideas of your own as to what traits would make a great niche? Love to hear your comments below.

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  1. Hi Kenn,
    I am new to health coaching and trying to build my business. I have read several of your articles and I have found them to be extremely helpful. I am considering building a health coach site, and I plan on reading all of your articles on that topic before I take the plunge.

    Thanks for all your helpful articles!

    Certified HealthCoach

  2. One thing that validates that I am in the right niche is that I am willing to override number seven with a passion so strong that I will blaze the trail whether others are along for the ride or not. Improving how kids are raised through parent coaching is almost as important as breathing for me.

  3. Kenn, this is really a great list. I have friends who make lists like this regarding guys they want to date and marry. I call their lists, “aspirational.” It’s tempting to label your list the same way, but the fact is, finding a coaching niche that fits IS possible. It’s a process of trial and error (like dating) but it is possible.

    1. Hey Mia. Thanks for sharing that. Aspirational sounds perfect to leave room for things to not be perfect while having the ideal in mind.

      I think it’s worthwhile to define what one is seeking in a coaching niche. I think for man coaches that means a place where they can get good clients that pay and it’s not hard to get clients.

      Which is really much more than a niche, but the dream of finding the perfect one seems to go with the idea that everything becomes easy. I’d say it becomes better.

    1. I love positive feedback. Your wisdom on how to set and get your fees is just as well thought out, positioned and valuable. Always enjoy seeing your efforts at play. Again thanks.