Overwhelmed with website, find focus

When You’re Overwhelmed With Your Website – How to Regain Focus

Overwhelmed with website, find focus

Doing too many things is almost always a bad move.

It’s bad for your mood, bad for productivity — you’re draining yourself and doing too many low impact items. You could be doing less and getting rest while having the same or even better results.

Two things come to mind to help solve the problem of website overwhelm (marketing, social, biz) when you’re growing your coaching business.

1) The 80/20 rule, finding the few things that bring the biggest results and …

This rule basically means looking at the numbers to figure out which few things (tasks, activities, strategies, any input) bring the bulk of results (income, profit, time-saving, sign-ups, and outputs).

And, you might add to that, “keep you smiling” because if some aspect of your website and marketing is killing your soul, it might not be worth it, even if it brings in the dough.

It helps to take some time off first to clear my mind — like a short weekend trip. Or plan for this after a bigger vacation. Fresh.

But make space to dive in and find answers to, Which tasks are (or likely to if things are super new) bringing the results I want (likely will include boosting profit and saving time).

Two examples …

  • If you’re stuck on content, too much or too little, you can ask yourself, what pages/pieces/points are most vital for my writings? Then, make sure you don’t stray.
  • If you’re failing to launch your website, perhaps you’re after too many bells and whistles, and need to ponder, What’s most vital for my phase-1 of my website?

2) Marie Kondo’s book, which asks you, What brings you joy?

Her book is The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.

She also has a TV series that my lady and I stumbled upon on Netflix. Just watching it was fun and led to more tidying around my home. It’s productive entertainment ;P

You probably understand the idea that “being too busy is a sign of lack of priority” in that if you’re doing too many things, you are probably doing too many low-impact tasks and need to have a close look at your priorities.

As a new business, especially if income is low and you need to cover life’s basics (rent, food, etc.), it can be hard to focus on key tasks because you’ll want to do everything possible to survive.

But when you look closer at the numbers, you’ll probably discover you can shift your focus and do better.

So, when it comes to your website, creating it or driving traffic to it, or social tasks, especially things you’re personally doing (not outsourced) and require your creative energy, best if it’s an enjoyable, rewarding, fun task than a painful, stressful one.

Might be time to make space for this kind of top-level thinking.

Something Jordan Peterson said comes to mind, people talk to figure things out. Hence, the need for a good ear — or even better, an inquiring mind.

Maybe hit up your coach, or reach out to me to clear the decks and get things on a better track.

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