New PayPal.Me Link Maker Brilliantly Gets You Paid Faster, Easier


I was just offered the new service from PayPal, which makes creating links to get paid incredibly simple, fast, and slick.

This is fabulous for newer coaches who are just getting started because it’s simple, fast, and low-tech.

This is huge for anyone seeking to take payments because …

  • You get a simple link (URL) to get paid
  • People can enter in the amount they wish, but I expect that to limited in dollar amount.
  • You can create a link for a certain amount within seconds.
  • It looks professional

I quickly set it up and secured my name and you should as well before your imposters online (the other people who share the same name as you) do.

Just go here to set yours up: (opens in new tab)

Here’s what mine looks like: (opens in new tab)

my link

A neat trick

Without much thought I predicted that adding in a /200USD to the end of my link, making it would tell PayPal the amount and currency to set for the link.

It worked. Nice job PayPal! with default 200usd

And here’s the beauty of it all for getting clients …

Let’s say you’re on the phone with a new client and they’ve verbally committed to working with you.

You can then instantly send them your link with the exactly payment amount and get them fully on board.

This will reduce that drop-off you get when people don’t make payment right away. Or, at the least, it will get them to reveal their  hesitations to working with you so you can respond appropriately.

This is where I beg you to comment 😉

I love this service so far. It looks like it’ll be incredibly handy.

As you know, hearing from you makes my day. So let me know what you think of this new link-making service to get paid.

I await …


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  1. Yes! This came across my desk last year and I forgot I even set it up! When my name was “taken” I was like hey wait I think I did this already….Now I need to use it! Thanks Kenn