Kenn has a question

What’s one word to describe the kinds of people you LOVE coaching?


I recently started a discussion in The Coaches Support Group, one of my regular hangouts on LinkedIn.

I posted the question, What’s one word to describe the kinds of people you LOVE coaching? (you’ll need to join the group to see the discussion, but the results are below).

After 185 comments over a month, I tallied the results to see what kinds of clients people loved coaching the most.

Here are all the words participants chose

Competitor, Intentional, Open, Undecided, Curious, Learner, Creative, Determined, Engaged, Committed, Ready, Disconnected, Honest, Motivated, Metaphysical, Challenging, Open-Minded, Ambitious, In-Need, Inspired, Lucky, Hopeful, Potential, Hard-Working, Willing, Thoughtful, Focused, Passionate, Striving, Perseverant, Serious, Self-Aware, Proactive,  Enthusiastic, Positive, Intense, Fun, Courageous, Dynamic, Deep-Thinkers, Driven, Reflective, Aspiring, Hungry, Human, Transparent, Tiger-Parent, Non-Judgmental, Reflective-Actors, Skeptical, Receptive, Interested, Leaders, Teachable, Smart, Clever, Stuck, Alive, Caring, Keen, Adaptable, Clear, Dedicated, Disciplined, Vulnerable, Responsive, Deliberate, Self-Loving, Coachable, Adventurous, Reliable, Implementors, Risk-Taker, Burnt-Out, Conscious, and Resilient.

That’s a huge, juicy list!

There are some great words to use on your website – especially where you talk about who your ideal client would be.

Before you scroll down, can you guess which one was the most popular (don’t peek)?

Kenn has a question

Here are the most popular words

I only listed the ones with 2 or more instances.

  • Ambitious 2
  • Committed 7
  • Ready 10
  • Motivated 5
  • Open-Minded 8
  • Open 11
  • Curious 8
  • Determined 3
  • Intense 3
  • Inspired 2
  • Interested 2
  • Intentional 2
  • In-Need 2
  • Honest 2
  • Willing 3
  • Proactive 2
  • Human 2
  • Enthusiastic 2
  • Engaged 3
  • Creative 2
  • Driven 2
  • Scared 2
  • Challenging 2
  • Learner 3
  • Reflective 2
  • Passionate 3

And as you can see, the top ones were:

  • Open 11
  • Ready 10
  • Curious 8
  • Open-Minded 8
  • Committed 7

How great would it be to work with some curious, open-minded, committed clients?

Any more words coming to mind? Post them below.

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  1. The word that came to my mind was “seekers”. I love clients who are not just seeking a change, but are open and seeking new ways to facilitate that change.

  2. Hi Kenn,

    Thank you for sharing with me, the responses, outcomes with the words that describe the kinds of people you, we love coaching. Fabulous words that will provide coaching satisfaction. I think these words should be reversed too, to what the coach should provide to the client. For example, I describe myself as a coach, worker of any kind working with clients, to be passionate, dedicated, committed, open, honest, reflecting, the terms that should reflect our professionalism and skills we provide to clients, a two way process for success. Thank you for sharing with me, appreciated.

  3. I was going to say stressed, but I think “stressed and committed” is a better combo. I want to work with stressed working parents to help them get some of the joie de vivre back into life.