Quick Tips on Updating Your WordPress Website

Some quick tips on updating / maintaining your WordPress website.

updating tips

You should batch things in your business like email all at once two times per day or bills once per month. Batching saves lots of time.

Regular updates. One task to include in your weekly batch is to update your WordPress website software. You do that by simply logging in, clicking the updates link and then just confirm and apply the updates – all of them.

Quick test. Once you do the updates, just spend a casual minute looking around your site to ensure things look ok. Be sure to fill out your call-to-action form, and your opt-in form.

Test forms. If you use your work or personal email address to test your opt-in form (I use AWeber for this) and you’re already on your own list, you should get a message saying, “you’re already subscribed” and that’s confirmation enough that systems are working fine.

Batch tasks weekly. It’s best to update weekly or at least every other week. Monthly is ok, but you do start to add a tiny risk of hackers who take advantaged of loop-holes in dated software. Also, your site may have bugs floating around which may make your site fail.

So, I recommend adding to some batch of weekly admin tasks to include an update of your WordPress website.

If you’re already blogging each week religiously, do the updates when you post. For me it’s already good “bad habit” to run updates.

Automate it. Bonus points for you if you have a VA on hand you can hand this off to.

Extra bonus points if, as a result of reading this post, you find a VA and employ them for an hour or two a week to hand off your time-consuming, low-intel but very important tasks. 😉

Keeping your site current and running with the latest updates will keep things running smoothly and protect you from viruses and hackers. Yep, an ounce of prevention equals a pound of cure.

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  1. I found a cool plugin that’d allow me to update all the themes and plugins on all my websites and all my clients’ websites from one console… Unfortunately the darn thing doesn’t work as “advertised” 🙁 — do you know of anything that’d allow me to do that…?

    1. Nope … I don’t have that many sites to manage that it’s needed. And my clients aren’t doing that as well.

      Even so, if I had 20+ sites on WP, I’d probably have an assistant to the updates, keeping sites ultra minimal (but of course, ensuring they are worthwhile – bring some useful results).

      I really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really … really (45), really like don’t lots with little. really, really, really (that makes 50, that’ll do).