The Relevant Blog Trick for Traffic, Credibility, Clients on LinkedIn


One LinkedIn trick, a marketing strategy mega-move for coaches seeking clients online, is to share relevant blogs while in discussion. I’ll show you how via example and see if you can figure out the jist of it.

Below is a screenshot of a discussion I followed in a LinkedIn Group, the Coach’s Support Group, regarding coaching videos.

The Relevant Blog Trick for Traffic, Credibility, Clients on LinkedIn

After the discussion has gone on for bit, I took the contents of it, along with my personal experience, and wrote it up into a blog. Shown here:

The Relevant Blog Trick for Traffic, Credibility, Clients on LinkedIn

Can you figure out what I did? The key learnings? Take a moment. See if you can pick out why this is such a good thing to do.

What I did reveal:

I simply followed a discussion that was related to my expertise, coaching websites. This discussion is about videos, so it’s relevant to what I do as many coaches put videos on their websites. At the end of the discussion, once much has been said, I created an article and posted it to my blog – summarizing points and adding my own tips. Then, I came back to this post and shared the link.

Also, not show here, in future, when I run across the discussion of videos, I will again, share the ready-made blog in those discussions.

The key learning revealed:

1. Expert positioning.
Clients love to be around and hire experts. When you are actively share your wisdom via sharing articles you’ve already written, you are an expert.

2. Get visible within your market.
If you hang out in groups with ideal clients, you instantly get the attention of potential clients. If you hang around in groups of other coaches and peers, you’re hanging with the competition (good for learning about what others are doing, but not a direct path to clients).

3. Learn about your market.
The key to marketing, and business, is to provide things that customers want to buy. Things they really want and need. And you can find that out by being with them and watching what they say and do. Getting in their groups and the simple act of reading and listening will reveal gems of ideas.

4. If people click, you get traffic.
If people click your blog that you share in the discussion, you get traffic. Traffic = new client opportunities. Simple.

5. Other experts see you and will approach you.
As you do get seen by your market, other experts who are hanging out in the group will notice you and then the two of you can form joint ventures. One of the fastest ways, and desired ways among top gurus is JVs. Think “experts hanging out with experts”.

6. More connections.
People will want to connect with you. This opens up opportunities of all sorts. You’ll get more connections in your profile, and 500+ is a credibility indicator (a trust gainer). More connections get your face out there more and makes you show up more often in searches within LinkedIn. I’m confident, that this this kind of credibility will boost search engine rankings as well (if it’s not obvious now, it will be in the future), improving your ability to get found online.

7. Fast blog article creating.
The great thing here is that I wrote an article based on the wisdoms of others. It’s very easy to write an article that’s within my expertise and for which there is a lot of discussion.

Make sense? I’d love to hear from you. Share your thoughts, questions, experience and related ideas below.

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