It’s Subtle – How to Position From the Client’s Perspective

It’s tricky, surely. But to market well, on your site or anywhere, you must communicate from the client’s perspective. Here’s a breakdown of the various ways to name your free coaching session and how it matters when seeking clients.

client's perspective

But what you name it makes all the difference in the world.

The “Free Consultation” – CLIENTS know what this is. Consultants have done this for years. Incidentally, it’s boring and many know this is just a way to get you into a conversation to sell you on their services. YOU know what this is as well, and it seems like a great idea to move things along – “get them on the phone, talk about working together, get the client” is what you think.

The “Free Coaching Session” – CLIENTS who sees this written on your website will make the small mental leap that this is like the “free consultation” but instead it’s “coaching” – whatever that means. It may add a bit of curiosity to them or a bit of confusion as now they need to figure out what is so special about coaching. YOU, on the other hand are more excited about this label. It’s about “coaching” which you love. You want them to know that this isn’t consulting, it’s “coaching”! (WHich, again, they will struggle to articulate the difference).

The “Strategy Session” – Now we are getting somewhere. The CLIENT will see that this “session” they will have with you will have some of structure, planning, and intention. Nice. Juicier. Great because they exactly want that – strategic help to improve things. YOU may or may not like this so much. It isn’t pure coaching, so they won’t get that sweetness you love to deliver. But hey, if it’ll get them to talk to you and maybe get the client, you’ll have at it.

The “Career and Life Reinvention Consultation” – Woah Nelly!!! CLIENTS who are unhappy in their career and life (plenty of these going around) will see this and instantly say to themselves, “I gotta have this – now!”. You got em! YOU, if youv’e studied some marketing will see how this will get attention. You may be afraid to put this out there as this is a big promise and there’s no way you can help someone accomplish this in 1 session – which you probably believe you need to do. You’ll also say to yourself, “This isn’t coaching” and it isn’t pure in that sense. Perhaps some other baggage comes up about why this isn’t a good idea.

What CLIENTS want.

What YOU want.

Who is the decision maker?

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  1. Good article Kenn. I’ve progressed from the “Free Coaching Session” to the “Complimentary Strategy Session”. But I like the benefit orientated title. Like you said, it’s what the people want.

    1. Great Valeria … got any idea in mind for you? How about sharing it here. I’m curious.
      I’m not so sure you need the word “Complimentary” in the title of your session … I’d go with “success strategy session” or something more valuable, and then when they go check it out (or you explain it), you can just say in the details that it’s free.

      Benefits are what people want first, then they can see if they will pay for it.

  2. Great perspective and idea. I’m wondering, though, how you would fit in one of the goals of the consultation, which is to see if you and your prospective client are a good fit.

    1. Great question … and tough to answer briefly, but given your criteria for an ideal client, and how busy you are, you can determine if it’s even worth having the call via emails you may have had beforehand. Then in the call, it would be info you gather from the call via discussion or questions.

      Some sales gurus say to just sell them all as you are learning. If things don’t work out, you can end the arrangement, you’d probably know within the first few sessions. Thus little risk of a few hours from you if they ask for a refund.

  3. Brilliant! Heck, I was ready to sign up for a “Career and Life Reinvention Consultation” session myself the moment I saw the words–and I’m happy with my career! As always, your newsletter deliver great ideas that point specifically at us coaches – thanks!