The Five-Step Website Development Process

Lots of coaches get stuck in website development and their sites never make it online. This can be a highly frustrating experience – especially when excitement is in the air about getting your business up and running.

To get the job done simply and timely, so that you can go ahead and market your services and build your business, here are the 5 steps:

  1. Determine the purpose of your website
    > Determine what you want your site to accomplish
    > Create Site Map of pages and features you want
    > Determine your primary navigational links to have
    > Figure out the calls to action you want visitors to take
  2. Write content
    > Write page content such as home, service and about
    > Write your freebee/initial articles,  sales letters
    > Write email messages when people sign up or contact you
  3. Design
    > determine the color scheme and overall feeling
    > get or create your logo
    > create a page layout with banner, navigation, body content, offerings
  4. Build
    > do technical setup hosting, domain name, email list, taking payments
    > turn the visual design into web ready graphics
    > create the home page and then other pages linking them up
    > create interactive elements
    > be aware of search engine technicalities during development
  5. Test
    > Check your website appearance on various browsers for both a Mac and PC
    > Check spelling
    > Check links
    > Test and tweak interactive features for smoothness
    > Ensure any emails work
    > Share it with some of your target audience *

Following this outline will help you focus on the right pieces in the right order and get things done one step at a time.

These steps assume you’ve already created a business plan including details on your target market, outreach strategies, business name, service offerings, unique selling point, etc. If you haven’t, well … guess what? 😉

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