The Blog Begins


Hey gang,

Welcome to my blog on helping coaches use the Web to attract clients – and get more sales, build a bigger list, and all that good marketing jazz.

Why am I blogging (for the same reasons you should too).

1. To get closer to my target market, you.

2. To write towards an ebook. (An ebook can raise your credibility, yield you more income, and enable you to help more people.)

3. To bring more traffic to my website as search engines pick up my writings.

4. To give you a chance to participate by commenting – bringing us closer.

5. To help me have more fun writing naturally. I tend to write better in short bits of smartnesses.

Blogs are easy to write to, another great thing about publishing.

I welcome you to share your thoughts by commenting, and more important soak up I’ve written to build a magnetic online coaching presence.

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