The Concept of Win-Win Design: Central to Website Success


Win-win designing.

There are two sides to your website. The business’s side (or organization) and the customer’s side.

The customer wants to solve a problem, have more fun, make life easier, etc … they have their desires.

The business wants to be profitable, achieve their mission, make a sale, etc … their desires.

If you can setup your website to first show your customer how they can get what they want, and then (or at the same time) lead them to paying for your products and services, then you have a natural fit … or a Win-Win Design.

For example, I use IDrive (great backing up service!) and pay the $5/month very gladly. They have a win-win designed website because they figured out how to solve my problem, which many other backup programs did not do.

IDrive helped me find a backup solution that was inexpensive, automated, off-site(done online), and easy to use. Their website showed me this pretty easily.

Is your website clearly showing visitors how to get what they want? Is it leading them towards what you want? Does it have a Win-Win Design?

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