Three Musts for Getting Free Sessions From Your Website

Many coaches dream of the idea of putting up a website and somehow, magically, clients will come. In working with coaches on their websites for 5 years, this has never happened.

1. Live specimens

You will need living, breathing humans to come to your website.

Many coaches don’t even know if anyone is coming at all – usually a sign that no one (good) is coming.

What you will need to do is to get your website address out there. That could be done with articles, writing keyword rich content for search engines to pick up, or giving talks and mentioning your website (offline world).

2. Qualified Prospects 

Koala bears at an automotive websites won’t result in much action.

gYour relationship coaching website would be best served if the visitors to your website were struggling with relationship issues or wanted to attain certain romantic goals.

3. A Compelling Invitation 

A free consultation/session offer buried deep in your website, “Free 30-minute Coaching Session” is hardly compelling. Instead, tie your invitation to goals and challenges your audience wants. Also make it exclusive, rare, or limited time in availability. For example, you could, as a health coach, offer a “Unleash a Ton of Energy Power Session” and offer it to a five people, and have it expire within a week.

In summary, to get more free sessions from your site, get it in front of people who qualify for what you do and make the offer compelling.

If you’re struggling to create a compelling coaching website, then perhaps it’s time for us to talk. As more and more coaches are taking action to create an awesomely fun and lucrative coaching business, my waiting list gets longer. To explore working together, please tell me more about your situation here:

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