Tips for Coaching Website Taglines from My Local Broadband Provider

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Chorus is a local broadband service provider here in Auckland, New Zealand.

As you can see, their homepage opens with a big image of a doormat with a message – not exactly a tagline, but it hits home. 


For many reasons:

  • It’s targeted to families, their market
  • It’s got subtle cues – kids booties, doormat, front of the house – welcome to our home with great wifi
  • It evokes a powerful feeling of a happy home (because of good internet speeds)
  • It’s a big hero image and a simple, obvious message
  • the main color for Chorus is purple, and the image matches it (or has been tweaked to do so)

For coaching websites:

  • What image would make your ideal client feel “right at home”?
  • What is the ultimate big benefit your best clients are after? What do they truly want?
  • How can you express the big benefit in simple yet powerful terms? 


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