Two Reasons Coaching Sites Fail


In this post, I’ll tell you why most coaching website do not work and never bring a lead – the two biggest struggles I’ve seen in the last 10 years.

coaching website failure

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But, let’s get into the topic today: top 2 reasons coaching websites fail.

The FIRST REASON coaching websites fail is “failure to launch”.

They are simply not getting online. And it’s a 100% fail if you never go live.

And you’d be surprised to know that nearly 1/3 of website projects never make it to prime time.

The coach gets stuck for many reasons including content, technical stuff, and psychological barriers like perfectionism.

The key to getting past failure to launch comes down to these:

You need a clear website vision.

Knowing what kind of site you’re going to create including the content, pages, functions and platform to get it done. And this can vary from coach to coach, but at the least, you’ll want to have compelling core message, an opt-in list, a great headline. Make sure it’s all loaded with value and positioned from the client’s perspective.

While it’s true that a website is a work in progress, you do need to complete the first version of your website to progress past it.

AND, you need to do the grunt work. 

This includes getting good content together, getting the confusing tech stuff in place, and attending to the graphical needs. And you must get it all done timely.

In a few days, I’ll post another blog, How to Get Your Site DONE Fast, which will give you the key steps for building, tips to avoid common sticky spots, and proven techniques for getting it done on time. There’s also advice on handling the psychological junk that can hold you back as well. 

This article will further help you overcome the failure to launch syndrome 😉

So stay tuned.

The SECOND REASON coaching websites fail is that they are boring.

You’ve probably seen these or had one yourself.

Then content is too “out there” or too hoo-haa-ish for people to grasp.

Or, often, it talks too much about the psychology, techniques or processes of coaching – and the logic behind why coaching works isn’t all that exciting.

Very close to boring is confusing – and so I’ll lump confusing into the this problem as well which can include …

  • Websites with multiple menus, long menus.
  • Websites with menus that are poorly labeled.
  • Websites with too much stuff going on: colors, images, headlines, columns, and boxes – you get lost fast.

Boring and confusing websites fail.

What’s the cure for a boring website?

It comes down to making sure your website as a strong central theme – I call it a compelling core message.

It’s like an elevator speech, or selling proposition, or you may have heard the phrase big promise.

It’s the exciting, benefit-rich message which makes visitors want to get on your list, read your blogs and ask you to coach them.

And all the rest of your content like freebies, blogs, offers, calls to action, services, about me, etc, tie back to that compelling core message

Next week, I will go more into compelling content in a post titled, How to Avoid Being Boring. And in it, I’ll share more tips and the one shift in thinking you’ll need to make to captivate excite your website visitors.

And there you have it – two  reasons coaching websites fail: The failure to launch and being boring.

Let me ask you …

I absolutely LOVE hearing from you. I like knowing what you’re thinking and wondering about.

Did you launch yours or are you stuck? What was the hardest part? What went well? How did you get the grunt work done?

I’m watching these comments like a hawk, and will respond. Just post below … 

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  1. Dear Kenn,

    I have just joined your community and your post is like a perfect reflection of what I’m going through trying to build my website. I’ve found your suggestions very helpful and pragmatic, just like something I can really apply and implement. Thank you for your insight.