A Two-Step Blog Trick to Get More Readers

One challenge coaches face when writing their articles or blog posts is making it compelling.

And, one common thing coaches do is focus their article titles on coaching concepts or techniques which aren’t attractive to readers. These kinds of titles are usually too common and don’t elicit a strong enough reason for reading them.

For example, when people see an article titled “Goal Setting Secrets” it generally doesn’t grab them.

As a result, people don’t click and read your article. You miss out on the chance to deepen your connection with readers and grow your expert image.

The reason many coaches tend to focus their articles on concepts is that it’s fun, natural, and easy. They love their toys and tools – why not write about it?

But, again, clients don’t really care about that stuff that much.

Here’s a two-step trick to turn those “eh” titles into “WOWers” and get more people to read.

Step one, get super specific.

Find one unique aspect or teeny-tiny step in the goal setting process to focus your article upon.

For example, you could hone in on the idea of “telling friends about your goals to create accountability.”

You can elaborate on this specific idea and write about how to find someone who will be an ideal support person. You could talk about how your best friend might not be that person. You can talk about what to say to ask for help.

As you can see, you can go deep.

In our example above, we could refine our article title to, “How to Use Friends to Accomplish Goals.”

Great – so far. This is more specific and makes the article more interesting and unique. Nice.

Step two: think “benefit.”

Think about what your market wants.

Think about what this particular article can help bring about in the end.

Readers almost always want to overcome pain, achieve goals, have new life situations, alleviate illness, etc … some sort of result.

Thus, continuing with our example, let’s say you happened to be in the health field, and worked with people on losing weight.

You could add more benefit to your title by adding in the benefit, “to lose weight.”

Thus, your title becomes: “How to Use Friends to Help You Lose Weight.”

Now, you’ve got a winner!

To summarize, we’ve (1) narrowed our article topic and (2) tied it to an end benefit.

Now we’ve got an article that’s short enough to write and is written to attract readers.

You’re not off the hook yet!

Have you written an article or blog recently that could use more impact? How could you use this one-two punch trick to make it – well – punchier?

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  1. Good point Lionel.

    I’d say people get the idea without thinking too hard about it.

    However, the true test would be to publish this article both ways “use friends” and “friends to help” and somehow measure reactions.

    I appreciate your speaking your mind.


  2. I am not sure I like “How to use your friends…” : I don’t like the idea of USING them. May I suggest a slightly different title ? “How your friends can help you lose weight.” (and that’s even more intriguing and click-inducing, don’t you think ?

  3. Awesome! Glad to be of immediate help. What’s the old title? What’s the new one?