Website Tweak for Joanna

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Below is Joanna Broughton’s personal development coaching website tweak I suggest.

Before screenshot


Here’s my suggested tweak …

I really like the logo being in the top left and the menu following horizontally to the right. It leaves plenty of room on the page for juicy content.

Sadly,  I need to scroll down to see any good content. As it stands, the “above the fold” content (that part visitors see right away) doesn’t grab me at all and I can’t imagine who would be interested in that.

“Moving from cultures of fear to cultures of possibility” is nice, but a bit “out there” and not really juicy enough for me.

Remember, people leave sites in seconds upon arriving, so that first screenful of content needs to be mouthwatering!

I recommend a big juicy headline or short (1-2 sentence) paragraph that is benefit loaded. Super juicy!

Here’s the after …


What’s your take? Got ideas to improve further? Dislike something? Love to hear from you. Comment below.


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  1. At first glance of the original I thought it was neat, clean and interesting, but the redo is so rich. You want to click Her’s how…. What a big difference.