What to Do on Your Website, If You Have Two or More Niches

If you’re attempting to appeal to two different markets with different challenges on the same website, you’re likely in for a lot of struggle.

The basic challenge is that when you appear to be “the solution” to more than one group, your prospective clients will instinctively think that you cannot be so good at any one of them. Whether you are or not matters little. It looks like you’re not.

If the two groups have similar challenges, your struggle will be less. For example, the two groups; chronically disorganized and people with ADHD, both struggle to focus and keep order in their lives.

It’s easier to find one good niche or target market, and hone in on that one group.

Nonetheless, if you’re aiming for two or more groups, here’s what you can do on your website …

Create a main link for each. In your main website navigation bar (often across top or down the left), create a link for each group. For example, if you work with both Lawyers and Doctors, your navigation bar might look like this:

Home | For Doctors | For Lawyers | Services | About | Contact

Create a page for each. Create a page for each of your target groups as well. On that page outline the ideal client profile, the challenges you help with, and the results you help attain for that group.

In this example, Mary, a branding coach, helps both employed professionals and entrepreneurs brand themselves:

Create a lead-in for each group on your home page for each group. On the home page, prominently, create boxes to clearly lead each group towards their respective areas on the website.

For example, on Renee’s website, she has three targets: Individuals, Businesses, and Coaches:

Create a separate coaching program/service for each and lead them to that. For each group, create a separate service designed for that group. For example, for a relationship coach, “Revitalize Your Love Coaching” for doctors, and “Love and Order Coaching” for lawyers as each will have their unique nuances.

In conclusion, bear in mind that it will be tough to communicate when trying to speak to different groups (niches, markets, audiences). Consider honing in on one market first – there’s often more than enough business to keep you busy and profitable. If you choose to approach multiple niches at the same time, clearly direct those groups to material specific to them.

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