What Would You Absolutely Love Your Coaching Website to Do?

I recently asked a coach friend, “What would you absolutely love for your website to do?”

His response:  “Hey, Kenn!  If you can assert to coaches that their website can give them coaching leads, and deliver that, you could have the world by the ass!”

I agree. Unfortunately, this is impossible.

But, fortunately, understanding why will help you see what you need to do in order to generate leads from your coaching website.

Here’s why it’s impossible …

The construction of a website, in and of itself, doesn’t come with visitors.

It could be the most amazing website in the world, but it’s nothing more than a combination of words, graphics and interactive features. Nowhere in that creation does it guarantees that visitors will come.

And without visitors, there can be no leads.

Therefore, it’s impossible to create a website (website alone) that delivers leads.

What you will need to do, in addition to building the website, is to make an effort to bring people to it.

You need to build traffic.

And here are four common traffic building strategies you can employ:

  • Write an article in a magazine that your market reads, and mention your website link in it
  • Research keywords your market seeks. Write content around those keywords on your website. Submit your website to search engines to be presented to searchers.
  • If you coach parents to raise happier kids, you could offer an adult education workshop at local schools and mention your website in the class details that’s distributed to the community.
  • Find someone with an established email list and ask them to promote you to their list.

In conclusion, remember that it takes two things to generate leads from your website: 1) building it and, 2) bringing traffic to it.

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  1. Hi Ranchelle,

    Great question …

    There’s a debate: 2 sites of smaller size and less links to each or 1 website with more content and more links to it.

    Which is better for seo?

    Which is better for my clients?

    Which is better for my business?

    How much SEO do I need to get top spot for say “coach web design”?

    I guess “better” depends on what “better” means and my goals are more than satisfied without much attention to this one factor of search engine optimization.

    It’s pretty nice just having one site to manage, link to, share, etc.

  2. Kenn,

    I do have a question for you; why is it that you have your ‘blogging’ platform as your website? Would it not be better for you to a) create that extra linkjuice to your website? b) protect your ‘brand’ but putting a blog in between your site and your posts?



  3. Hi Kim … thanks for asking.

    I’m referring to the submission forms that search engines provide so that they will eventually review your site and put it into their database.

    Once in the search engine’s database, your site will be “in the running” to be shown to searchers.

    As for getting high rankings and getting people to click on your listing is another topic/story/art form.

    Study Search Engine Optimization or commonly called SEO.

  4. Hi Ken –

    I came upon your post via LinkedIn. Great post with some great insight.

    I think it is common for many professionals to have this “build it and they will come” mentality when it comes to their website or other marketing vehicle.

    I’ve read several posts on LinkedIn recently by individuals suggesting that articles, blogs or websites are wonderfully effective marketing vehicles – but they’ve left out of their posts perhaps the most important component to making these vehicles effective.

    And, that is, as you mention here, proactively making sure people (those we are targeting, of course) know about our website (or our blog or article, etc.). Of course, you offer several effective traffic-building methods here.

    Enjoyed your post…

    Rachel Franco
    The Writer for Coaches