What’s your coaching super skill? (Hidden Website Tip Inside)

There’s a reason that you’re very good at: goal-setting, listening, challenging, creating safety, adding humor, being encouraging, reflecting, or [insert-fave-coaching-skill].

It’s a natural strength of yours. If you look closely, I bet many of your clients/friends/people come to you for a dose of that talent.

If you’re a patient, non-judgmental listener, showing lots of acceptance, you’ll probably find that sensitive people or those with a painful past need this safe place.

If you’re motivating, inspiring, and upbeat, I bet that many hesitant, fearful, or non-confident folks gain from your energy-boosting, you-can-do-it vibe.

Or perhaps you’re the “no bs” kind of coach who can spot faulty self-talk, sabotaging beliefs, and inner-critic chatter — shut it down so they can be free and energized to take bold action.

Is this talent/strength/ability coming through in your content, website, emails, or videos?

Not sure what that magic is? Go read testimonials from your past clients and look for the common thread about what they love about you.

And here’s the website tip: Make sure this special, magical talent of yours shows up in your content.

For example

If your clients constantly say you’re an excellent listener, it could be that they have a lot going on, don’t have someone to turn to, and your patience helps relieve stress.

You help them to see things clearly.

So, your website should highlight how you help clients “get clear, remove confusion, find a sense of calm, so they can find the right actions to take.”

As another example

If your clients are always saying they get pumped up and eager to start making changes for your sessions, you’re likely a powerful motivator and inspirer.

If people are coming to you because they are burned out and tired, like in a dead-end job, then mention on your services page how they’ll wake up every day excited about life again.

Remember, your website (and the entire coaching business) is about serving clients. Show them your superpowers and how it helps them.

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