How to Know When Your Coaching Website Is Ready to Launch


If you’re building your coaching website, it’s often tough to know when you’ve got enough stuff on it to launch.

coaching website launch

You may wonder if it has enough content to get your target market excited about contacting you.

You may be concerned that you don’t have enough of the bells and whistles like social media buttons, blog articles, pages, videos, forms, schedulers and other whoop-tee-doos.  

You may wonder if you’ve answered all the questions they might have.

When is enough enough? When can you launch your coaching website, confidently?

It comes down to your goals …

For many coaches, the main objective is to get enough paying clients to reach that first sweet goal of being a professional coach.

I find that 10 on-going clients paying a good hourly rate will do the trick. Then the coach can leave a boring job, have plenty of time flexibility, and enjoy work helping others.

If this sounds like your goal, then here are two must-haves before you launch …

ONE: A big promise that will excite people.

Your website needs to stand for something important or people won’t want to stick around to learn more about you. 

Remember, websites are more about the visitor’s interests than yours – and THEY want change, a transformation, a better future. So your site needs to inspire them to take action on that journey of change. It must stand for something big.

In the Great Website Course, one of the first things students do is get clear on the big benefits they offer. We craft what I call a “core message” and fill it up with exciting benefits.

One student’s core message was so spot on, that it brought a one of her web visitors to tears – tears of joy in having found the help she wanted. Needless to say, she signed up a new client.

And TWO: A way to easily grow relationships with visitors over time.

Another key factor in getting clients is winning trust – and that happens with ongoing, positive interactions with people. 

You’ve probably noticed that your first batch of clients came from people who already trust you like family, friends and coworkers. It’s largely due to their trust in you.

As you grow your business to those who don’t know you so well, your website ought-a have a mechanism to stay in touch with visitors and build the relationship over time – to earn their trust.

An email list works well for this.

Time and time again, in my service offerings and in watching coaches grow their business, it’s those people who trust you the most who sign up the fastest. And the more people you can do this with, the easier it is to secure more clients.

So to repeat, before you launch, make sure your website promises big benefits and have a way to build trust with people over time.

Does your website have these two things? If not, what’s missing? What other things do you think are important to have before your first launch? What thoughts come to mind?

I’d love to hear from you. Just post below.

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