Why Overnight-Site Builders Don’t Work (What to Do Too)


Well, they actually can work … if working meant that you spend virtually no money and waste a lot of hours and end up with a website you would be embarrassed to send people to. These overnight-site builders are great for accomplishing that goal – you can say, “I have a website!” and you did it overnight.

But for attracting clients, an overnight-site builder, alone, won’t work.

Here’s why …

They are inflexible.

They are limited in what you can create in such a short period. They have to be this way. By nature, they at trying to be a quick one-size-fits all solution … and your business is not like every other business.

They are clunky.

There may be some smoother running ones since last I’ve checked, and if you know of any, please let me know. Otherwise, the ones out there are technical nightmares that result in clunky slow sites.

They do not provide content help.

Unless you know how to communicate high value that your coaching can provide, overnight-site builders are not geared up to help you organize and write content in a way that leads clients to conclude they need to hire you as a their coach. Without well written words, your site won’t woo you new clients.

Using an overnight-site builder is like telling your clients there’s only one way of accomplishing their goals.

Which you know is far from reality. You can’t know how to help clients reach their goals without first knowing what their limiting beliefs are, what their environmental support is, what their comfort and skill sets are, what they will need to learn, etc.

Instead of going for an overnight-site solution,

  • first know how you are going to market your business including reaching potential clients, what you will offer, what will gain their trust
  • then determine features and functions you need and the actions you want visitors to take that lead them towards client-hood
  • then develop the content that will motivate them to take those actions.

Ask yourself what kind of experience and website framework can help your potential clients reach their goals and to see your coaching as a spectacular solution at the same time.

Then, you can approach online software (including various site builders), designers, and developers regarding what will help you attract clients.

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  1. Hi Ken,
    I have been using http://www.homestead.com for over 10 years now for several of my websites. They are not chunky, they provide excellent support, creative flexibility, and have customer/designer solutions. Not all overnight websites as you call them are created equal. But Homestead/Intuit websites are worth looking into.