Aha! Another keyword for my coaching website.

Another Keyword Source for to Get More Traffic and Better Leads

I recently wrote about seven keyword sources to get traffic from search engines.

To that list, you should add this 8th keyword source – short phrases to describe your ideal client.

Aha! Another keyword for my coaching website.

For example, if you’re a relationship coach, then the phrase “relationship coach” is good to use on your website. To add your ideal client to this, if your focused on men, then add that to your phrase to get “relationship coach for men”.

If you’re a relationship coach “for shy men” then superb – use those words together to get “relationship coach for shy men”.

If you’re a relationship coach “for busy executives” then fantastic, use that to get “relationship coach for busy executives”.

So, why should you do this? Two reasons:

1. Users get more intuitive.

As people use search engines more and more, they learn how to be more specific to find things faster.

For example, if they search for a dentist and find one 200 miles away, they will search again and add their town or city as part of the search.

While one’s locality is an easy mental leap, consider if someone searches for a “life coach” and stumbles on a “life coach for divorcees”. They will eventually consider their own situation and start seeking a life coach to suit, such as a “life coach for expats” or “life coach for executives”.

Thus, you should include words to describe your market to help you attract more of them.

Users are searching smarter.

2. Search engines get more intuitive.

You must have felt how well Google learns how to deliver results we want. Google Maps gets better. Gmail improves. Searches on addresses show small maps on the side. Searches on TV shows now provide from IMDB on the side. Search engines learn to give you what you want faster. Google learns.

Not only is using words to describe your market on your website ideal for getting attention, the more you use words to describe your target market in your content, the more your site will show up with searches related to those words.

A few fun examples of how Google provides you results faster:

I searched on “sweet potato nutrition” information and get data right on the results page. I don’t have to click further.

sweet potato

I searched on “Walking Dead” and I get movie detail quickly. (Be great if it told me when the next episode will be. Are you listening Google? I trust you’ll figure me out soon enough).

walking dead

I wanted a tool to time 20 minutes to keep me focused on my work. Not only do I get results. Google has their own instantly activated timer. I don’t even have to click start. Just type in “timer 20 min” and Google will keep you to task.


By the way, I had no idea this functionality was there, but guessed it would be something they would have created. Voilà!

The lesson here is that search engines are learning what you’re really after and providing it faster and faster.

Will the day come that Google will know you’re a busy, shy executive and your search on how to date will drum up a relationship coach for you? Will you, the searcher, begin to narrow your searches from “how to date” to “how to date if you’re super busy”?

People learn to search better and search engines learn how to provide results better.

So, what keywords or phrases can you use to narrow in on your ideal client? What words can you use in your website to help your ideal clients find you? Comment below.

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  1. Kenn, that’s a good article. When Google gets into my head like that I can’t figure out if I should be glad or deeply troubled. I guess I could Google it :). Happy holidays from due north. — js