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I’ve been reviewing coaching websites on LinkedIn. If you want yours reviewed, find me on LinkedIn and post your site.

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Below are comments I’ve shared on LinkedIn for coach Michael Toller.

The aim is to improve it for attracting clients.

The site is at:

Here’s a screenshot of the home page right now:


Love the look because I’ve never seen something like that. Well maybe once or twice.

I like the white space and that it speaks to the visitor, directly, simply.

The simple menu, excellent as well. Nice.

I think the message can be stronger in a few different ways: honing in on “more ideal clients” who you’d love or even honing in on the pain with “change”.

Stuff like, “Been stuck for years and endless failed attempts to make changes and  it’s starting to feel hopeless?” … this speaks deeper to aspects of change.

If you want clients from the web, continuously, willing to pay your higher fees, and extremely excited to talk to you (like pre-sold), then your site and related materials (emails, freebie, offers) need to aim high.

But, in the end, you’ll need to (1) put in place a smart client-attraction strategy and (2) test out your website and strategy and see what numbers are actually happening.

Also, I bet you have a rockstar success stories somewhere you should get into the clients page.
That would speak greatly about you.

It’s entirely possibly you give a kick-ass speech and from that you get 10 visitors to your site, and all of them call you – they are strong referrals.

It’s also possibly your site gets 100 visitors from very casual people checking you out, who don’t know you too well, and none take action.

I did a quick screenshot to start you in the direction about the headline being more into aspects of change (and not just change). Also you’ll see the “3 Steps” bit which gives people something to expect in the content – it drives them to read more.

Again, in the end, you’ll need to get traffic and test it out.

Comments and thoughts are very welcome.

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