venn diagram for coaching

How to Create a Visual to Show the Value of Coaching – Venn Diagram


In this video, I’ll show you a great way to create an engaging visual that shows your visitors (think potential clients) the value of coaching.

Get a pen and paper, and roll up your sleeves. When you’re done, tell me about your visuals in the comments.

If you found that video handy, there’s a ton of content-creating treasures in The Coaching Website Guide to make your website engage your ideal client and get them to contact you.

Here’s your 2-minute action challenge to solidify your learning …

Take a pen and paper and sketch out your Venn diagram and upload it in the comments. The first person to post wins Kenn points. But, seriously, let’s have a look at your work.

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    1. Good one Nana!

      Let’s say the goal is to be independent over 80.

      Then what are two success factors to make that happen?

      One is “Good Support”.
      What would the other one be?