How to Get Coaching Clients Consistently and Naturally

How to Get New Coaching Clients Consistently, Naturally, Enjoyably, Magically – Online or Offline


When starting out, yes, it can be tough to get that flow of new clients going.

You may currently have a few pro-bonos, some past friends you coach — perhaps a few at your not-really-sustainable “intro” rate.

That’s awesome, by the way! Having people to coach is great, even if they aren’t paying.

But yes, it’s to take this so-called “coaching business” to the next level to both impacts the lives of others and yours — namely your bank account!

It’s time to get paid to coach, consistently and fully.

There are so many clients out there, just waiting for you to show up in their lives. They need your help. Every day that goes by and you’re not reaching them is another day they struggle or sign up with another coach — and another day that your coaching biz dreams quietly fade.

Kenn Schroder

To further add to that, I’ve found that if the client’s struggles are tough enough and if his/her goals are big enough, they will be willing to invest — both time and money.

So yes, it’s all possible.

While there are finer details and nuances, essentially, the steps to get lots of new coaching clients consistently are outlined below. 

And to make this fun (secretly attempting to look like another super marketing guru), let me give this five-stepper an exciting name, The Get New Coaching Clients Consistently and Enjoyably Master System.

There, now it’s larger than life 😉

Let’s go …

There are just five steps to it. Let me outline them and show you some examples.

1. The Visibility Step -> You need to get seen by potential clients some way, somehow, obviously.

2. The Capture Step -> When people hear about you, your system must enable a way for you to be in touch with them — ideally you being able to reach them at will with minimal noise like by email.

3. The Engage Step -> After first sight, there will be interaction(s) like emails, online messages, or others to further the relationship positively.

4. The Invite Step -> They’ll need to be invited into a call with you. It’s not likely someone will commit to coaching on a longer-term basis without a discussion about it.

5. The Offer Step -> In the call, you get to their big needs, and if the client is a good fit, you explain your offer to work together for a fee.

Some steps may overlap or take longer than others, but that’s the dating process before long-term commitment.


When you plan, devise, or otherwise concoct your magnificent Get New Coaching Clients Consistently and Enjoyably Master System, make sure it plays to your strengths, skills, and resources. Thus, choose and shape tasks that are deeply meaningful and fun for you.

Guess what happens when your business task/activity is enjoyable, easy-enough-to-do, and rewarding?

You do it more with little resistance — so scientists have discovered when dopamine hits the pre-frontal cortex. I’ll save this heady explanation for another day.

You can trust my guru wisdom when I say this completely counter-intuitive notion — this paradigm-shifting idea — that it’s better to do tasks you enjoy than ones you don’t. ;D

Example One – Getting Clients From Facebook 

1. The Visibility Step -> Socialize on FB in groups, post, support, get to know the leaders, and get seen.

2. The Capture Step -> Start your group, smoothly mention it and invite folks to join it without being a spammy jerk about it. Or send them to your website/list/blog/opt-in page/you-name-it-platform to “join your tribe,” so to speak.

3. The Engage Step -> With helpful posts, educational videos, inspiring chats, and more, you can positively bond with them, and gain trust.

4. The Invite Step -> You have to invite people to go deeper into a one-on-one call, Zoom session is ideal.

5. The Offer Step -> Have the call, find out the big need, and make an offer to work with you for pay.


If you hate Facebook or get lost in it (that’s common), it’s not a good move. Learn how to limit your time or consider another way to create your Get New Clients Consistently and Enjoyably Master System.

By the way, in The Coaching Website Guide, I outline my personal system for combining #3, #4, and #5 so you can save a lot of time, weed out bad clients, and basically get new clients “pre-sold” on you.

Example Two: Blogging

1. The Visibility Step -> Write great blogs. You should like to write if you want to do this step. Get those blog posts out there by using good keywords, by sharing them in groups, by submitting them to publishers. They do need to “appear” somewhere.

2. The Capture Step -> Your articles should have a link back to your website so folks can “get more of your writing” by joining your email list, which is like subscribing to your blog. So, capturing means they get onto your email list. Offering a free something-or-other checklist or tip-sheet will help induce sign-ups.

3. The Engage Step -> Now they are on your list, send more blogs or messages. Being on your list is good because you can reach out to them proactively.

4. The Invite Step -> Email folks to book a strategy call with you about their struggles. You probably have a topic for your area of focus, like relationships or marketing or other. But, if you don’t, it could still be more general about “finding meaning” realizing your “big life goals” or “finding work you love.”

5. The Offer Step -> Have the call, find their big need, and make an offer to work together.


If coming up with words is like pulling your own teeth, best reconsider.

If you like to write, you’re golden — though I’d still suggest getting a mentor, joining a program, or finding a teacher to sprint up the learning curve.

Example Three – Offline, Real Life Speeches

1. The Visibility Step -> Find places to give talks. See local organizations, business groups, or gatherings of sapiens.

2. The Capture Step -> When people come and listen to you invite them to request a follow-up assessment, join your email list for a resource, or even skip to #4 and book a private call with you. (You can likely skip #3 in this case because the talk is quite engaging).

3. The Engage Step -> Well, they are at your event. So, deliver that talk. They’ll be engaged. But yes, you could engage further after the call if they join your email list or maybe even buy tickets to the next event.

4. The Invite Step -> At your talk or afterward when you follow up, lead them to a longer, private, one-on-one call with you.

5. The Offer Step -> Have the call, find the deepest need, and make the offer.


If you’re a natural talker or ate least brave enough and want the challenge — then this could be a good avenue for you. Some people love being in front of a group. Great!

Example Four: Referral Partners Sending You Leads

I remember a past nurse gone health coach who I built a website for. She approached doctors who didn’t have the time to go deep with patients the way a coach can. It was a perfect fit, and she got easy referrals. Of course, the doctor had to believe she was a professional, and that relationship took time to build — just like any Get New Coaching Clients Consistently and Enjoyably Master System would.

1. The Visibility Step -> Go make friends with likely referral sources like a doctor to a health coach or a business coach to an accountant.

2. The Capture Step -> Have the doc/physician/provider give your biz card and say that you offer a free 20-minute call to help with “issue x” — and have the doc get contact info and give it to you for follow up. I know it’s tricky with legalities and referring, but perhaps encouraging the patient to fire you off a quick text. The key here is that you can follow up with the patient — which I suggest doing tastefully, not annoyingly. And well, if it’s too legally complicated, you could just “wait” on the potential client. But, perhaps put on your biz card a mention of something they can get at your website or by texting you – some helpful info piece.

3. The Engage Step -> With a strong referral, you probably won’t need to engage or educate much, and can quickly lead them to a call. However, if you have a good website or article to share, use that to build your credibility. Just make sure you’re following up steadily.

4. The Invite Step -> You book a call with them – likely paid if it’s an hour, or free if it’s just a 20-minute one.

5. The Offer Step -> Have that call, ensure there’s a fit, and invite to work with you.


If you like to meet people one-on-one, and nurture that relationship, then great! This will take time for folks to trust you with their clients. Some people are natural networkers.

Making It All Work …

Know that this Get New Coaching Clients Consistently and Enjoyably Master System of yours is a “process” that you’ll need to put together and test drive.

Just make sure it’s ** magical ** with elements that play to your strengths and leverage your resources — one that’ll be fun.

Do the steps over and over, repeat, automate, simplify, hone, bolster, outsource so that it’s ticking along regularly, bringing results — measurable with numbers.

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  1. As always from you Kenn, excellent information, guidance and for raising a personal profile. Great marketing tool and ideas, methods to get known, build professional relationships, trust and get clients.