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Quick Color Tips for Your Coaching Website

I find my wardrobe filling with black over the last year. I love black because it’s easy to combine with other items.

I have a black hoodie, black skinny-fit jeans, a black thermal top, a black raincoat, a black sports cap, and a sweet pair of black Ecko biz-casual-skater-kid kicks.

These items are classics and go with anything. I have very dark brown (near black) hair, so that matches too.

BUT, the problem …

The problem is since it’s winter here in New Zealand, the sun is down when I rise, and to not awaken my lady, I get dressed with my iPhone light.

I can’t see so well, and sometimes I leave the house looking goth, or like a waiter, or if bedhead is bad the Cure.

Not my mojo. Doesn’t feel good. Colors matter.

Colors impact how people feel when visiting websites too.

Here are some quick tips for colors and feelings as you work out your virtual vibe.* Rich deep reds for passion and power.

* Medium, simple blues for trust and stability.
* Dark blues for a natural feeling of depth like the ocean.
* Orange and yellows for energy, and enthusiasm.
* Yellow for optimism, hope, happiness (light, bright yellow).
* Green for growth, it’s very natural.
* Solid purple for wisdom, and swirly, sparkly, varietal violets for spirituality and mysticalness.
* Black for power and strength.
* White for positivity, simplicity.

More about colors and feelings on websites for coaches over here:

Colors and Feelings on Websites for Coaches https://coachingsitesthatwork.com/colors-and-feelings-on-websites-for-coaches/

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