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Colors and Feelings on Websites for Coaches


Trying to find the best colors for your coaching business? Want a good color palette for your brand? Ever wonder why certain coaching niches seem to have similar color schemes?

  • Like greens for health coaches, and blues and blacks for business coaches?
  • Healthy food websites often have zesty yellows, oranges, and greens.
  • You’ll see golds, blacks, and whites on high-end product websites for cars and jewelry.

Research studies have shown that there’s a physiological/emotional response to colors. They bring about feelings like excitement, sadness, peace, and irritation.

So, why not leverage that to engage with clients on a deeper level? And why not get clear about the colors for your coaching business so that it looks great visually?

Below are eight different colors and their associated feelings. Find the one that fits right for your coaching business image.

First, an example of colors on a coaching website to give you an idea …

In a recent website design for a career coach in the UK, Marianne Welsh, we chose red to give a feeling of passion and energy. The rest of the colors are subdued grey/beige/golds that recess on the pages.

Here are her home and blog pages:

Can you feel it? Great! Let’s get into those colors so you can find one that’ll bring about the feeling you want on your website.

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1. Orange for Energy and Enthusiasm

Think happiness on your coaching website.

Orange represents and evokes the feelings:

  • energy, enthusiasm, attention, happiness, optimism
  • fascination, creativity, determination, attraction, success, encouragement
  • stimulation, heat, vitality, inviting, friendly, invigorating effect
  • mental activity, young people, strength, endurance
  • red-orange: desire, sexual passion, pleasure, domination, aggression, action
  • gold-orange: prestige, illumination, wisdom, and wealth, high quality

As a health coach, imagine a zesty, boisterous, brimming orange that makes visitors hungry for knowledge, happy, and alive. If their wellness is waxing and waning or they are facing some serious health issues, they’d start feeling how great it is to be around you. 

2. Yellow for Optimism and Happiness

Hope for a better future.

Yellow relates to the following:

  • laughter, hope, sunshine, energy, optimism, cheerfulness, joy
  • joy, happiness, intellect, warmth, cheerfulness, mental activity
  • leisure, lightheartedness, children, spontaneous, freshness

As a “find meaning in your life” coach, how great would it be if your visitors who were in the dark, struggling with existential questions, and feeling down could feel lighter, more hopeful, and alive?

In addition to choosing the best colors for your coaching business website, make the structure, content, and calls-to-action encourage visitors to reach out to you. I wrote about this in The Coaching Website Guide. Have a look.

The Coaching Website Guide

3. Green for Growth and Balance

Green is for growth. Help your clients blossom 😉

Green relates to:

  • health, new beginnings, wealth
  • ease, relax, create balance, growth, security, possibility, spring
  • calm, anticipation, hope, soothing, relaxed, diet, control anxiety
  • stability, endurance, discipline, harmony
  • nature, freshness, fertility, safety, healing power, restful eye

Greens and blues are easy, winning combos for coaches’ websites. They bring about trust, growth, hope, and positivity. If I were forced to choose colors out of the blue, I’d go with these.

4. Blue for Trust and Stability

Make people feel secure and supported.

Blue represents calm, spirituality, security, trust, calming, corporate, professional.

  • Cool, tranquility, sincerity, cleanliness, pure
  • stability, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, truth, heaven
  • water, sea voyages, consciousness, intellect, high-tech
  • masculine, males, suppresses appetite
  • blue-yellow-red combination: superhero
  • light blue for health, healing, tranquility, relaxing, understanding, and softness
  • dark blue for knowledge, power, integrity, seriousness, depth, expertise, stability, corporate

Blue is big in the corporate, professional world. Mixed with black, it can be a powerful combo. But blue is used in a low of ways, paired with analogous colors like greens and purples and opposite colors like orange/hot reds.

5. Purple for Wisdom and Spirituality

The magical power of coaching.

Purple represents and evokes the following feelings:

  • creativity, royalty, wealth, soothe, calm, beauty
  • luxurious, wealthy, power, nobility, luxury, extravagance, dignity
  • ambition, wisdom, independence
  • mystery, and magic, pre-adolescent, children
  • light purple for romantic and nostalgic feelings, feminine, romance, mystery
  • bright purple for children, youth

Purple is definitely good for relationship coaches who want to help people in romance, sensuality, and sexuality. It’s also good for spirituality, mysterious wisdom, and mystical sources powers. Empowerment coaches, spiritual life coaches, life gurus of all sorts.

6. Red for Passion and Power

Fire up your goals and energy.

Red represents and evokes the following feelings:

  • fire, blood, energy, war, danger, strength, power, determination
  • passion, desire, love, emotionally intense
  • light red for joy, sexuality, sensitivity, and love
  • pink for romance, love, friendship, feminine qualities, and passiveness
  • dark red for vigor, willpower, leadership, courage

For Marianne, a career coach in the UK (link opens in a new tab), we added a small dose of red throughout for passion and bravery. Clients need that courage and energy when facing difficult career decisions.

Marianne’s color pallette for her coaching website is mostly sage-like grey and beige with a touches of red for passion and energy.

7. White for Simplicity and Positivity

White represents and evokes the following feelings:

  • background, light, goodness, innocence, purity, virginity, perfection
  • safety, purity, cleanliness, positive, successful faith, purity, coolness, cleanliness
  • simplicity, high-tech products, charitable organizations, angels imagined
  • hospitals, doctors, sterility, medical low weight, low-fat food, and dairy products

If your clients often face overwhelm, chaos, and mayhem, that peaceful, quiet, simplicity is very attractive. Lots of white is good for your color palette.

8. Black for Power and Strength

Black represents and evokes the following feelings:

  • power, elegance, formality, death, evil, mystery, fear, unknown
  • black holes, negative, blacklist, black humor, black death, strength, authority
  • very formal, elegant, prestigious, black tie
  • black Mercedes, grief, perspective, depth, diminishes readability
  • black suit, thinner art, photography, stand out, contrasts, aggressive

A Website Example of Renewed Energy in Life

On Lisa’s website,, her clients are seeking a new exciting next adventure in their lives.

We found this great image of a woman facing a new day and a sunrise, we chose to use the bold, electric yellow and blue in it.

zesty yellow for fresh energy on Lisa's coaching website

The rich dark blue with a flowing energy of shades (gradients) compliments the yellow for even more pow. Opposite colors are naturally pleasing to the eye too.

I wrote a lot about visuals, images, color, fonts, and more in The Coaching Website Guide. So, if you’re planning a new site, working on, tweaking or revamping one, get a copy of it to make it stunning.

An Example of Optimism and Hope for Parent Coaching

Optimism and growth are two great words for parents and teachers of ADHD children. It can be difficult handling this special kind of child. Hope is much needed and Susan Hughes, an ADHD parent coach, is the coach to deliver it.

Susan Hughes - ADHD Parent Coach

When we started on Susan’s site (ADHD Parent Coach in Perth), she had an icon of a circle with a zesty green and orange. I had to “work” into a logo with her name and match it to the rest of the website. We were setting it up on a new domain name.

This website was a bit more of a challenge than usuals. I hunted down that image, tweaked its colors in Photoshop, and helped her find the right words to convey the hope that frustrated parents desperately needed.

In the end, it makes me giddy at how well it turned out.

Choose The Best Colors for Your Coaching Business And Instill Positive Feelings

Wise marketers and business minds alike agree that we make decisions based on emotions and justify them with logic. So, think about your color scheme and how you want visitors to feel at your website.

Oh, and here’s another article on colors: How to find a good color scheme.

Have you ever experimented with color themes for your website? What were the results? What colors are you most drawn to, and what feelings do they stir up?

I’d love to hear your comments.

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  1. YES! This is my greatest chore when establishing a website for my business. It’s often the first IMPRESSION of your business, you, and feelings you emit to potential clients.
    I am a energetic, funny, creative minded person. I’m struggling with the application of colors and tone of my website because I want to “niche: in on men who are tired of themselves 😳😱.
    I like challenges lol.
    Anyway I need to create a professional, exciting and distinctive design and my favorite colors are blues, greens and purple… deep – contrasting pale.
    I like the calm, soothing and pop of these colors.

    I used bright blues and greens for my last pettaxi business website. I feel like it was welcoming, friendly cheerful.

  2. Kenn,

    Like you I like black clothes, wear too, a lot of while and blue.

    Bright colours can make people feel good, just the same as a sunny day, make you feel alive, cheerful and more
    motivated in getting things done and enjoying the day.

    Colour needs to blend into the website, pages and can make people wish to continue reading.

    A very interesting read about colour and what they represent. This will interest many people.

  3. Wow, Kenn for this beautiful article. This is really great & informative. Colors make life cheerful. The concept of colors is really great & impressive. Thanks for the concept.

  4. Kenn, I recently (just last month) relaunched my website. It went from a bright green to a dark blue. One of the very first comments I received from a colleague was “Much more professional!”

    I can see from your list that I’ve hit the exact target I was aiming for! I’ll probably print this list out as it’s good for product covers too. 🙂

  5. Kenn,
    I am running an ad on New York Craigslist for artists to exhibit their art at my gallery under community/artists and since I filled the background with a solid fully saturated color my response results have been incredible. Prior to doing this my response rate was maybe 1 for the entire running of ad.