A Second Example of the Relevant Blog Trick for Marketing on LinkedIn as a Coach


Last week, I showed you The Relevant Blog Trick. As a side note, marketers, teachers, movement-makers make up phrases and coin new terms to teach and for ease of reference, a nice trick. So this phrase, “relevant blog trick” is a phrase I made up – and it suits.

The idea is to capture hot discussions from your market on LinkedIn (could be any group where people chat) on topics related to your coaching. Then turn that into a blog, and in the future, when the topic arises again (it always does), you can share your already-written article.

In this blog, here’s another example of this move in action.

Below, is a recent discussions at LinkedIn. I asked about who was blogging and to see their blogs. Here, a member mentioned a frustration she is facing on blogging regularly (common challenge). In the past, I had written an article on getting blogs done in under an hour, so I shared it.

coach marketing linkedin trick

They key to this strategy  is to be active in your “hangouts” … wherever you network or interact with your market.

And when they complain or fuss or share a struggle, note it, then about how to solve it (even simple as one way to resolve it, doesn’t have to be long).

AND being active puts you in a position to capture moments when you can share your article.

Using this trick is a great move for not only driving traffic, tactfully, to your website, but to know about your market, make impact in your LinkedIn groups, and build your image as an expert coach – and you know clients love to follow, recommend, and work with such experts.

Love to hear your thoughts on this or any good moves when networking on LinkedIn. Just comment below.

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