Should You Set Up PayPal on Your Website?

 Many new coaches wonder if they should put a PayPal link on their website so that visitors could sign up for coaching and pay online.

If you do not have many clients, are a relatively new coach, are looking to get credible, are not selling products, are primarily seeking 1-on-1 clients, then no, you don’t need PayPal on your website.

It’s unrealistic to expect prospective clients to visit your website and sign up for coaching and pay online without first having had a discussion with you. They will want to talk to see if they like you, trust you and if they feel you can really help them.

Thus, instead of putting a PayPal link on your website, steer clients to contacting you by phone or email for a discussion.

It’s the free session (the exploration of working together) that’s will help you sell them (show your tremendous value).

When the excitement is high at the meeting, take their payment information right there and run the transaction on the back end, and get them started. Don’t add any extra steps to signing up.

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