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Are you blogging? A tip to boost traffic from Google

Are you a coach who is blogging? If so, then here’s a tip boost traffic from Google.

It’s amazeballs when someone searches on Google, finds your website, and contacts you for help.

It’s doubly fabulous if they are a good fit, well-behaved, and easily pay your rates.

That’s the dream.

It’s priceless to have regular clients, money in the door, and make a meaningful impact on others — and hence the world — and more hence, your personal happiness.

I’m drifting … back to the tip here ;P

Since Google associates web pages (your blog posts) with keywords that searchers use, it’s vital that you get them into your blog posts.

One simple thing you can do right away is to get a well-chosen 3-4 keyword phrase into your title.

Choose keywords folks might actually search on (finding them is work, a topic for another day, but you can start with a little brainstorming).

Three-to-four-word phrases are good because there will be less competition for them and bring higher-quality leads.

For example, if you wrote a post titled, “My Life Journey” and say it’s about how you became an ADD Coach.

One of your keyword phrases could be “ADHD Support for Adults” (I did this research already for a client).

Then you’d fare better to retitle it as “ADHD Support for Adults – My Life Journey”

Simply putting that phrase into your title will:

  • Improve the ranking of the page for “add support for adults”
  • Improve “click-thrus” — as people eyeball your listing among others, yours will stand out powerfully (to the adults with ADHD) and they will be enticed to click it.

Putting these keywords to the front of the title is good too because it has more “ranking weight” — meaning the words in the front are more important.

Just don’t make your titles an ugly, unreadable mess that confuses people. Be tactful and smooth about it.

Speaking of keywords, I’ve got a crowd-pleaser article on this, Get Traffic from Search Engines – 7 Keyword Sources.

If you’re finding this stuff helpful, hop on my list for more tips as I help coaches look great online, drive traffic, and fill their practices with clients.

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