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A Quick Tip to Write Exciting Copy

When creating content for your coaching website, mix and match your “coaching benefits” with “client benefits.”

What do I mean by this?

I wrote a long blog post from a lengthy discussion a wee-while ago in a coaches group about what topics clients love to read about on a coach’s website.

Ultimately, clients pay for coaching to “benefit,” and if you can show those results/outcomes/value-points in your copy, it’ll make your website compelling.

Coaching benefits are things like … helping clients stay accountable, increasing their awareness, helping them get unstuck (overcoming blockers of all sorts).

There are many competencies of a coach, which I’m sure you know lots about.

And client benefits are things like … better health, better relationships, a better career, more income, work problems went away, business growing … tangible stuff.

Your talk about coaching needs to relate to things clients care about personally and deeply.

For example …

For a past client who coached insurance/finance professionals to increase sales, here’s some copy using both “coaching benefits” and “client benefits” …


Blend the two together, and you’ve got magic … as I wrote in higher-def over here:

How to Write Website Content for Coaches – 29 Topics Clients Love

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