Two Coach Headshots Photoshopped Tastefully for Their Websites

Here are two before-and-after photos of clients which I edited for their websites. 

When I doctor-up photos, I want clients to feel good about their pictures while retaining an accurate representation. Keeping the wisdom with a few vanity tweaks. Heh. 😉

Polished, tidied, with a few cosmetic tweaks for an appealing, clean, good photo. I like to remove anything that could be distracting.

Example 1 of 2: Wardrobe Malfunction Fixed

This is a great shot, with a great smile, and rich color. I love it.

There’s just the oddity of one side of the collar tucked under the jacket on the right shoulder. Woops!

So, I fixed the collar by copying over the left-side collar and massaging it somewhat to look natural.

Here’s the after …

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Example 2 of 2: Tasteful Photoshopping

Brenda has a great smile and good posture. That’s really what makes a fabulous photo. 

Here’s the before …

A few tweaks I made to enhance it without getting silly.

  • Teeth whitening
  • Smooth out skin (face and neck)
  • Enhanced colors

Here’s the after used as her hero image …

When it comes to polishing up headshots, do it with class. Make them clean, clear, and pleasing while staying true — allow the wisdom that comes with age to shine through.

This article is a goodie on getting a professional headshot, How to Take a Great Headshot.

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