Before and After for Douglas Simpson

Here’s a website before and after for spiritual awakening coach Douglas Simpson. If you want your website looked at for a quick tweak to improve it, head on over to this post at the Coaches Support Group on LinkedIn.

Here’s the before

Here’s my suggested tweak

Douglas, you’ve got a lot going for you on the site. Good job on the sign-up box to grow your list, a prominent photo … read on


Website review for Kenny

To improve Kenny Weiss’ coaching website for client attraction, here are before and after images along with my suggested tweak.

Want me to review your website? Just follow this link and join Wealthy And Prosperous Coaches, Consultants And Business Growth Professionals LinkedIn group.

Before screenshot

My suggested tweak for attracting more clients with your website

I like the video. You sound clear and professional. Serious.

I would get that video … read on


Key website numbers to start tracking on your journey to a consistent 10 clients

You should track numbers. They show you what’s happening so you can figure out what’s working and find ways to improve.

I talk a bit about how to quickly get that going using my favorite tool, Google Docs in this video (be sure to click to expand to view larger):


If the video doesn’t show here’s the link.

Remember, your key activities to make this all happen will include:… read on


Website tweak for Joanna

I’m reviewing coaching websites in the LinkedIn group, The Coaches Support Group. If you want your site reviewed, just head over there to post your site (you may need to join the group first to see the discussion).

Below is Joanna Broughton’s personal development coaching website tweak I suggest.

Before screenshot

Here’s my suggested tweak …

I really like the logo being in the top left and the menu following … read on


When reality bites your website project

You know it’s gotta get done. It’s long overdue and becoming a nagging thought in the back of your mind.

Get your site done, get your marketing going, get out there and tell people what you do so you can start adding paying clients and start taking key steps to your coaching biz dreams.

But reality bites and bites hard.

Life can “get in the way” with all the curveballs … read on


How to blog to attract clients

Mitzi is a life coach working with moms in NYC and we’ve been working on her blogs to make them exciting, fun and attractive. 

If you’ve watched activity online, you’ll see that a great way to get your coaching name out there is to publish good content.

Your articles will attract your ideal clients, who will probably read even more of your blog.

Great blogs build your image as a … read on

how to get clients from your email list

How to get clients from your list

Remember, websites are no good if they aren’t bringing some sort of clear, specific, measurable result to you … unless you just want something pretty to show off to people.


And one result most coaches want, especially those growing their practice, is to generate new client leads.

The big picture dream here is to build up your  client base so that you have a steady supply of paying clients … read on