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Hey. I’m Kenn Schroder, web designer for coaches.

After years of tinkering, testing and toiling, I finally figured out the “so called secrets” on how to build a website that sells your services for you.

I had left a less-than-exciting corporate job to pursue my passions and mold a lifestyle that made me smile. Read more about my story.

Top WordPress Themes for Coaching Websites

It’s REALLY tough if you’re a new coach and you’re thrown in the wonderful world of WordPress and you want to find a great theme for your website. There are so many options which boast so many features – it can take hours to days to find your way. When it comes...

10 First-Time Coaching Website Mistakes to Avoid

Today, we’ll dig into the top 10 coaching website mistakes I’ve found that can jeopardize the success of your business – setting you back thousands of dollars, wasting months of work, and give you an ulcer. The statistics (I hate them) say that most...

About Me Pages that Visitors Love

Did you know, the second most visited page on a coaching website (second to the homepage) is the About Me Page? It’s probably no surprise and I expect that when you visit the website of a coach, author, writer or guru, especially the first time, you’ve hit...

11 Traits of a Coaching Website that Sells

Make your website into an engaging, exciting, selling machine that brings you new clients over and over with these 11 keys. 1. A coaching site that works is designed to serve a purpose – for most, that means selling your coaching services Creating a website for...

8 Web Writing Tips for Coaches

Below are 8 of my best web writing tips for coaches to make content writing easy and enjoyable while insuring you create content that speaks to your visitors. It can be rough to get words down on paper for your website. Real rough. Painfully rough. Sometimes you may...

If selling coaching feels clumsy, cheesy, awkward and awful, then build a website that does it for you.

Whether you’re researching, building or redesigning your website? Check out the The Coaching Site Guide to make it a powerful client magnet. Details are here.

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