kick ass coach website freebie cover

How to design a kick-ass cover for your freebie

In this article, I’m going to share the first of three of my best tips for designing a cover image for your freebie. It could be the difference between whether someone downloads it and becomes a client or just disappears from your site, never heard from again.

But first, quickly, the course, Build a Great Coaching Website, will be open for enrollment next week, Tuesday, February the 16th thru Thursday. … read on


How to niche-proof your coaching website

One big challenge coaches like you face is building your website when you aren’t sure about your niche.

It’s tough because either …

(A) you have a niche but are a afraid to invest (and then it doesn’t work out), or …

(B) you don’t have a niche and struggle to write content for your site.

What you don’t want to do is spend thousands of dollars, months of website … read on

coaching website launch

How to know when your coaching website is ready to launch

If you’re building your coaching website, it’s often tough to know when you’ve got enough stuff on it to launch.

You may wonder if it has enough content to get your target market excited about contacting you.

You may be concerned that you don’t have enough of the bells and whistles like social media buttons, blog articles, pages, videos, forms, schedulers and other whoop-tee-doos.  

You may wonder if you’ve answered … read on

website traffic reach 1000s

How to reach thousands of people this weekend with your website

In recent work with one of my super star students, Mary carried out a super simple but highly effective visibility strategy to help her start getting new clients.

Let me share with you how it works …

Before I share it, one odd thing about websites …

You see, the mere act of putting a website up does NOT guarantee any one will see it

It’s not like a new … read on


Mitzi’s New Coaching Website

Mitzi Bockmann, life coach for moms in New York, helps women dream big so they glow with joy, their kids thrive, and careers flourish.  Here’s the new Mitzi Bockmann Life Coach for Moms (New York) website.

Mitzi recently finished her website as per the Great Coaching Website Course I ran back in November. And she rocked it!

Not being a super techie or web designer or writer at all, she … read on

coach website freebie small

Jan’s Beautiful Freebie Cover Design

As you know, I love creating freebies – those giveaways or downloads that visitors to your website instantly get when the join your list.

They are a must for coach marketing.

When done right, these free treats help you build traffic, grow your opt-ins and position you as an expert – the trusted partner people love to follow, recommend and hire.

One key to a great freebie is giving it … read on

avoid boring website

How to avoid being boring on your website

Before we dig in, remember, on Thursday you can enroll in the course, Build a Great Coaching Website. Enrollment ends on Saturday.

In the post from last week, I talked about 2 reasons coaching websites fail. A few days ago, I went deeper into the first reason, which is failure to launch and I teach you how to get it done fast.

In today’s article, we’ll talk about the second … read on