Three Keys to an Attractive Coaching Website Header

Three Keys to an Attractive Coaching Website Header

If you’re building a coaching website and are aiming to build up your guru image so that people will see you as smart, intelligent, caring, authentic – essentially a great coach, your website header should include these three elements.

Before I go into them, let me remind you that when clients hire coaches, when they are wondering if you’re the kind of person they want to work with, two of … read on

What to Put on Your Landing Page

What to Put on Your Landing Page

This is a great question. And just like all great questions your clients ask you (or ask the universe) about their life’s situation, much of the answer begins with your intentions.

Landing pages come in all shapes and sizes and there is no one formula for all of them. So, you must first determine the purpose of your landing page before you can determine the length of it or its … read on


How to Tell if Your Site is Gaining Position in Google

You may be trying to get traffic from Google but aren’t sure if your efforts are working. Let me outline a very simple way to check your rankings and see if you’re improving.

1. Clarify your keywords

Google ranks website based on keyword phrases. So, in order to begin seeing where you’re ranked, you need to know your keywords.

Do you want your site to rank well for “life coach”, … read on

Three Keys to Inspiring Ongoing Connections with New Visitors

Inspiring Ongoing Connections and a Hobbit-sized LOTR Reference

Some people will quickly want to talk to you about hiring you as their coach. Most will take time, especially if they don’t know you. And that’s why it’s vital to keep an ongoing conversation with people.

But you can’t just plop on the Web and say, “Hey, I’m a coach. Come check me out. Follow me.” People just won’t follow you because you exist. You’ve got to be worthwhile. … read on

11 Traits of a Coaching Site that Works

11 Traits of a Coaching Site that Works

This article should have been written when I first opened my doors for business. I hope to bestow my 12 years of experience in building websites into this very long article on the top 11 things to pay attention to as you build a coaching site that works.

1. Is designed to serve a purpose

Creating a website for the mere sake of having one, “because you’re in business”, is … read on


Top WordPress Themes for Coaching Websites

It’s REALLY tough if you’re a new coach and you’re thrown in the wonderful world of WordPress and you want to find a great theme for your website. There are so many options which boast so many features – it can take hours to days to find your way.

When it comes to themes for your website (themes are ready-made designs for WordPress) you may be wondering, which is best, … read on

Got website rot? Top four website maintenance tasks to keep your site running smoothly for clients.

Got website rot? Top four website maintenance tasks to keep your site running smoothly for clients

There’s this thing call “website rotting” – I call it cyber rot. Websites decay over time due to neglect, tech advances, and other changes that occur over time online. Links stop working. Plugins go defunct. Grammar hiccups occur, and many more.

The result is that your site (even mine and I’m a web guy) will not function properly, thus costing you possible leads, subscribers, sales, etc.

The key is to … read on