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How Hosting Can Silently Screw Up Your Coaching Biz

In short, if your website doesn’t run fast, people will leave. Your opt-in list will not grow as fast and people won’t see your offerings or contact you for coaching. Slow website = people go bye-bye. Slow websites are a silent client-killer because most website owners don’t pay attention to it enough.

Above is a new coaching website on BlueHost, a popular hosting provider I’m testing out. The average speed … read on

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How to Make a Client-Attracting Website with the Divi WordPress Theme

I’ve been playing around with the WordPress theme called Divi by Elegant Themes.

In the group web design project I did last month, I used this theme to quickly create a minimal website with a powerful message. Below, I’ll give you the five things I like about the theme and three keys to make sure it’s good for client attraction.

Five things I like about using the Divi WordPress theme.… read on


Four Key Learnings from the Life Coach Website Project

A quick update first, next week I’m going to share with you all the new group website project I’m going to run in May. It’s to get your site done quickly, professionally with a client-attraction strategy. 

Four things I think are invaluable takeaways from doing this group website format this past month are …

1. Feedback is priceless and free.

As you build your website, get eyeballs on it before, … read on

Life Coach Website Project - People and coffee at a table

The Life Coach Website Project

I’m working with three great, dynamic women life coaches, helping them build their sites – openly.

I’m trying out a few new approaches to business/websites, going minimal and modern in both content visuals, along with fast creation. There’s more to it and I wrote about it on the evolving project.

Join in!

I’d love your comments, thoughts, ideas, feedback, questions etc as the four of us work on this. It’s … read on


The List-Builder Coaching Website Model

The primary aim for many coaches is to secure plenty of clients, earn an income and do what they love – helping others succeed. And to achieve this aim coaches want a great website to help. One type of website that can work is the simple list-builder coaching website.

This is simply a homepage with a form on it and a giveaway such as a pdf, video or audio. Visitors … read on

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How to Get Started on a Small Budget – Option 5 – Do It Yourself (DIY) Website

This is the fifth option in the series of articles on how to build your coaching website if funds are low called Getting Started on a Small Budget. The earlier options were: free coaching websites, bartering, getting a friend, and finding a low-cost freelancer.

Most mentor coaches will recommend against DIY. It’s almost always not worth the time spent learning how to build and manage your own website. You should … read on

low-cost freelance web design for your coaching website

How to Get Started on a Small Budget – Option 4 – Find a Low-Cost Freelance Web Designer

This is the fourth article in a series of 5 called, How to Get Started on a Small Budget. The previous few are: getting a free coaching websites, bartering with a professional web designer, and finding a friend to do the job. 

Today’s article is about finding a low-cost freelancer for hire.

There are quite a few websites out there for finding and hiring a freelancers such as web designers. … read on