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Four Tips for Getting High Rankings as a Coach – My Rule of Thumb on SEO

My rule on SEO is based on motives. Search engines (for example, Google) survive on users – the more users actively using the search engine, the better. In order to keep users happy, search engines need to provide users with web pages that make the users happy – which are …

Ones that have useful content. Ones that are easy to access. Ones that open up fast. Ones that look… read on
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A Second Example of the Relevant Blog Trick for Marketing on LinkedIn as a Coach

Last week, I showed you The Relevant Blog Trick. As a side note, marketers, teachers, movement-makers make up phrases and coin new terms to teach and for ease of reference, a nice trick. So this phrase, “relevant blog trick” is a phrase I made up – and it suits.

The idea is to capture hot discussions from your market on LinkedIn (could be any group where people chat) on topics … read on

The Relevant Blog Trick for Traffic, Credibility, Clients on LinkedIn

The Relevant Blog Trick for Traffic, Credibility, Clients on LinkedIn

One LinkedIn trick, a marketing strategy mega-move for coaches seeking clients online, is to share relevant blogs while in discussion. I’ll show you how via example and see if you can figure out the jist of it.

Below is a screenshot of a discussion I followed in a LinkedIn Group, the Coach’s Support Group, regarding coaching videos.

After the discussion has gone on for bit, I took the contents of … read on

Elegant Themes

Elegant Coach Website Themes on WordPress

Here’s a quick and elegant way to build your coaching website yourself, on WordPress, with a nice theme. I’ll give you my likes and dislikes and a few quick tips for making the most of this theme provider, Elegant Themes.

Many coaches are attracted to Elegant Themes because they do look good and many coaches want to have a website that reflects them, their coaching style, their brand. But, remember, … read on

A Plugin to Encourage Conversation on Your Blog

A Plugin to Encourage Conversation on Your Blog

One good thing about having a blog as part of your coaching web presence is that it allows visitors (followers, strategic partners, other gurus in your industry) a way to engage in conversation with you immediately.

Being readily accessible on your site through a blog puts you in the category of “expert” as you write, respond, and interact with visitors.

Unfortunately, one little setting that helps visitors create in-depth conversations … read on

Coaching Website Video Tips

Coaching Website Video Tips

Many coaches wonder if they should put a video on their coaching website or not. They hear that videos are all the rave and they “MUST” do one. They also fear that if they do one, it may come out crumby and it will hurt their reputation rather than help it. And, to add, to do a good one might require a professional and cost a lot of money.

On … read on

How to Get Traffic from Your LinkedIn Headline

How to Get Traffic from Your LinkedIn Headline

About a month or two ago, I noticed that LinkedIn headlines started appearing in discussions. My marketing radar started beeping uncontrollably. I said to myself, here’s a fantastic opportunity to get the message out to your market and get them back to your website. How can we optimize this!

Well done LinkedIn for adding this. For over a year now, I’ve been itching for a way to get a quick … read on