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How to get your website done FAST

Today’s article is the second of three articles about the two big reasons coaching websites fail. The first article I sent out a few days ago and in a few more days I’ll send out the third.

Today, you get the second one, which is about getting your website done FAST.

If you‘ve been stuck on your site for months to years, it can totally suck. It can zap your … read on

coaching website failure

Two Reasons Coaching Sites Fail

In this post, I’ll tell you why most coaching website do not work and never bring a lead – the two biggest struggles I’ve seen in the last 10 years.

But before we dive in, I’ve got something that can make your 2016 rocket off to a super start with a great coaching website that you can get online quick and will help you bring in new clients.

In a … read on

carol leek - business coach

Four things I LOVE about Carol’s new coaching website

I’ve known Carol Leek for a long while now. One of her greatest gifts is building confidence in her clients – and she does it with such enthusiasm, it’s exciting. This talent makes it fun and easy to take action, especially if things feel tough.

While she’s quite busy helping coaches get into money-making mode, she took this past month to take her website to a new level in my … read on


Key notes as Mary Franz built her own website fast

Coach Mary Franz, who helps people navigate to find meaningful careers they’ll love, is a student in my great coaching website course and she recently finished her website.

Here are three things you can learn from her work …

Her website is at Mary Coaching. She’s great and I would not hesitate to send referrals to her. 

Key note 1: What if you don’t have a niche?

One thing Mary … read on

alex carter - leadership coach

Alex finishes her site in a week

Alex Carter, leadership coach for nonprofits, is a student in website course that ran in November.

Two things I LOVE about her website are speed and simplicity.

You can visit her website live here.

Her content is very easy to read, direct, and simple (and of course client focused). 

All you need to do is check out her site and start reading. It’s so easy and fun to ready, I … read on

jen paradise - addiciton recovery life coach

Three Things I Love About Jen’s New Coaching Website

Jen Paradise is a creative, superstar student from my coaching website course that ran in November. Here are three things I love about Jen Paradise’s new website that just went live.

Here’s the link to Jen Paradise’s website: 

1. She did it FAST!

She built it fast, mostly done in two weeks, following the simple steps I outlined in the course. Grab on to her coattails, this coach is … read on

coach website example 2

Which coaching website looks better?

Below are two images of a website we are creating in the website course that started earlier month. Which one do you like better?

AND, can you tell why? There are two reasons.

See if you can guess before scrolling down.

Here’s the first image:


Here’s the second:

If you liked the second one better, you’re in the majority and here are the two reasons why …

Firstly, Colin’s … read on