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Website Tweak to Grow Your List – Valiant Group

Thanks Annette for posting your website over at the Coaches Support Group where I’m doing free website reviews. Below is a before and after for one website tweak to grow your list.


Suggested Tweaks

I like the big text that says “Leadership coaching for …”. I like it because it tells me what this site is. I’d like it better if we tied in some end benefits “Leadership coaching … read on

coach melissa's website

Melissa Rebronja’s Sweet New Website – You Go!

Below is Melissa Rebronja’s website. She is one of the students finished coaching websites from the Great Website Course this past January.

Melissa’s feedback …

I love this course! It’s a powerful combination of everything a coach needs to build an awesome site. The technical is accessible and user friendly. The marketing is beautifully organized in smaller, doable, logical bits. One of the things I enjoyed the most is having … read on


Before and After for Kathryn Brown

Kathryn Brown shared her website over at our LinkedIn group, Wealthy & Prosperous Coach. 

Below is a tweak I recommend to improve her site for client attraction.

One key to attracting clients with your site is to get them to subscribe to your email list so you can build trust, grow the relationship and promote your coaching. People buy from those they know, like and trust.

Here’s my tip to … read on

after for donna's coaching website

Website tweak for Donna

Here’s a quick before and after shot for Donna Hatch’s website. I’m giving free website tweaks on LinkedIn. So if you’ve got a website, find either the Coaches Support Group or the Wealthy and Prosperous Coach’s Forum.

Before (click image to see larger)

My suggested tweak

I like that you’re very visible right on the home page. Nice. Professional. Present. Visible. Great!

The natural tendency for most coaches is to … read on

danielle coach website before

Before and After for Danielle

In my homey EG’s LinkedIn group, Coaches Support Group, I’m doing free website reviews (you should go post yours and get some tips to improve it for client attraction).

Here’s one for Danielle Hall and her site is http://www.danielljehall.com.

The Before

The Tweak

Great smile Danielle. I get nice feeling about you from your pic.

I’d make a big headline or opening statement that speaks about the benefits you bring … read on

coach website before and after

Tweak your website for client attraction on LinkedIn

If you’re on LinkedIn, I offer free website feedback and tweaks to improve it for client attraction.

At the Wealthy and Prosperous Coach’s Forum, there’s a discussion thread where you can post your website. Just go here to post your site (but you may need to join the group first to see the discussion).

Below is a before and after visual for Elizabeth’s website.

And my tweak is …

I … read on

donkey 3

Kick-ass cover tip 3 with video

In the last two posts, I shared two tips with you: (1) make your title super easy to read and (2) find one good image to support the title. Today, we go into the last kick-ass tip – a sweet, simple layout. And you can follow along in the video below to create your own freebie cover design.

A quick note before we begin … on Tuesday this week, you … read on