How to Write Your Blog Consistently: 19 Ways, Some Out of the Box

It’s Monday morning. I’m in New York City getting my passport renewed for another trip to New Zealand come November, passing through Australia first. Cool. Starbucks is my easy go-to spot to knock off a work task or two. At this one, it’s this week’s blog about being consistent.

I wish I had the answer to “How do you write blogs consistently?” and as usual, there is no one trick … read on


The Other Best Word to Use on Your Coaching Website

I was taught in John Caples book, Tested Advertising Methods, that the two best words to use in advertising are “free” and “new”. I wrote about the first word, “free” in this post: One of the Best Words to Use on Your Coaching Site.

Now, let’s talk about “new” …

We all love new things. New ideas. New iPhones. New shoes. New TV episodes. New books from our favorite authors. New blogs from our wise … read on


One of the Best Words to Use on Your Coaching Website

One of the greatest words of all time in marketing is the word free. I learned this in a book, Tested Advertising Methods by John Caples. This book is a classic recommended by many gurus and was highly impactful as I grew my web design business.

We love free things. A drink from a friend. Free-shipping AND, even better, free-returns when buying shoes as offered by Zappos. Complimentary movies when we … read on

coaching message that grabs attention

Creating a Short Message that Instantly Grabs Attention

Being in business for yourself means you need to get people to know what you do, who you do it for and why it’s such a great thing. This message needs to come across instantly, clearly.

On the bio page, the part that’s visible at the top is “above the fold”, and it’s precious space. So, for that area, I recommend you put your marketing message, that short core 1-3 … read on

your why inspires

The Key to a BIO Page that Bonds

People care less about what you do and how you do it. They care much more about WHY you do it. WHY you’re a coach.

It’s nice to tell people about your assessments or how your techniques get them past their deepest fears or you have an intuitive sense that helps them see clearly and make progress. But people go bonkers (get excited about being around you) when then can feel what … read on

business coach banner

How to Turn Your Banner into a Rockstar Coach

On the web, things can get stiff, rigid, and too impersonal, especially for business, executive, and leadership coaches. Let me show you some visual design tricks to make your website into a rock star.

Here’s a header for a business coach’s website. It has a great photo. It has a nice font for the tagline. But still, it’s a bit flat and the name of the coach gets swallowed up in the … read on

3 parts of coaching freebie

Three Parts of a Freebie that Attracts Clients

Clients want certain changes in life/career/relationships/health/etc. You, the coach, want new paying clients to sustain your business.

Clients want to see that you’re a good coach they can work with, that you are smart, that you have a good way of helping clients, that you can get results, that you are a pro, that you are trustworthy.

You want good clients. The ones who are coachable and fun to work … read on