9 Reasons Google Docs Rocks for Fast Website Creating

9 Reasons Google Docs Rocks for Fast Website Creating

9 Reasons Google Docs Rocks for Fast Website Creating

In the last two years, I’ve been having clients use Google Docs for creating website content. We use it to draft and polish up various pieces of content, including their free giveaway, their blogs and their website pages. It is fantastic!

Here are my top 9 reasons Google Docs is such an amazing tool for content creation:

1. It’s easy to share.

Documents on Google are easy to share with other people. This is great for getting feedback on your writing as well as copy editing. You simply click the share button and add the person’s email address – the other person gets an email alert and can instantly start editing and making comments. This makes it easier than having to email documents back and forth.

2. It runs fast.

Google runs fast. It can run without an Internet connect as well (it’s called “offline”). When I had both Word and Google Docs at the same time, I was surprised that Google Docs (which is a web-based program that requires Internet access) ran faster than Word which was based on my computer. Go figure.

3. It has a simple interface.

Google is great at keeping things minimal and usable. There are no extra formulas or unnecessary tools. The interface is simple. The basics beautifully cover 95% or more of what you’ll be doing. Google learns from its users and then aims to make things more intuitive.

4. It’s FREE.

5. Slick commenting.

My most favorite feature is the commenting – or rather “how” commenting works. It’s simple. Select some text, right click and choose “comment”. Then your comment appears to the right and anything you comment upon is automatically shared with the person who created the document. In combination with sharing, this feature makes it fast to discuss and edit documents – without creating versions, without having to save or email.

6. Autosave (no more saving).

Your documents are saved as you work, instantly. You can also revert back to previous versions if needed, but I’ve never needed to do that in two years. No more losing work due to forgetting to save or your computer crashing. That’s real peace of mind!

7. Free PDFs.

You can save your document to a pdf, for free. Then you can easily share your document in other ways such as offering downloads or emailing them to a friend to print.

8. It’s web based.

Since it runs on the Web, you don’t need to download software and install it – which can fail for many reasons. You also don’t have to run or buy updates, ever. You also don’t get more drain on your computer’s resources which slow it down over time. The future = Less hassle.

9. Google’s behind it.

Finally, since Google is behind the software, you know that it will only get better. You’ve got one of the top software companies in the world supporting you – again, for free.

As you can see, I’m a big fan of Google. They do great things and for us small business types, they do a world of good.

Have you used Google Docs? Love it? What do you like most about it? Got any good tricks to share? I’d love to hear from you. Comment below!

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  1. Nice piece Kenn!!indeed Google docs is incredible to use. I recommend users to have google drive as well. This makes using it with MS office even easier